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“These roadshows are worth their weight in gold…”

The feedback from customers attending our first 2018 roadshow was fantastic. We’ll be hosting 11 more roadshows around the country during March – book now to secure your place!

We always look forward to our CONNECT On The Road events in the first quarter of the year. They provide an excellent opportunity for us to meet up with our customers in a relaxed and informal environment – it’s great to see them openly sharing top tips on how to get the most out of their RedSky system.

Our first 2018 roadshow was in Hemel Hempstead on 27th February. Here’s what our customers had to say about it…

“As soon as I saw this event coming up, I signed up,” said Jill Wheable, an AXiM user from NC and JC Construction. “These roadshows are worth their weight in gold; I think they are very, very useful. You get tips on what you’re already using, but also on how you can improve. You can also talk to other users, see your RedSky Account Manager and just have an informal chat.”

Austin’s Barrie Pond, who migrated from AXiM to Summit last year, is a roadshow regular. He said: “I’ve been to the last six of these roadshows and I’ve always picked up some useful points. The updates from Simon Hague were very useful. And it’s always good to hear from other people about how they use their RedSky system.”

AXiM user Michael Anthony, from Bolt & Heeks, was reassured by the session on the VAT changes that are coming into effect in 2019. He said: “You can read all the literature, but until you actually meet with other people and find out what they are doing, and you speak to RedSky and find out how they are going to implement it all, you just don’t know what to do.”

Derek Underwood, from Axiom Group Ltd, said: “For me, the most interesting part is seeing what’s available, both on the AXiM system we currently use and if we were to migrate to Summit. I keep coming to the roadshows most years, to see what the new developments are and find out about legislative changes, like the new tax rules that are coming in.”

Summit user Katy Long, from Creative Interior Contracts Limited, was impressed with Gary Marshall’s demonstration of RedSky’s new Invoice Register. She said: “We’re receiving an increasing number of invoices via email, which means we have to print off each invoice, manually enter it, then scan it into RedSky and file it away. But if the system can now just drop it all in together, with the GRN [goods received note], the approval and the purchase order behind it, that will save loads of time.”

The main takeaway for Katy’s colleague, Alison Scott, was the prospect of her site-based workers using RedSky’s mobile GRN app on a smartphone or tablet on site. “We lose a lot of paperwork in transportation,” she said. “It goes in vans and sometimes never arrives back at the office.

“If the guys on site had the ability to enter the delivery note on the mobile app there and then, it would automatically be available on the system for us. That would cut out a huge amount of time and prevent the loss of the actual document. It would definitely be more accurate and would reduce the time it takes to get an invoice approved. The GRNs are often filthy too, so not having to physically touch them would be lovely!”

Judging by the feedback we received at the Hemel event, CONNECT On The Road 2018 will be a big hit with our customers around the country. We’ll be hosting 11 events during March, so book now while there are still places available!

Register your place at one of the remaining events by completing the form HERE.