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CRASH Charity Project

The Bridges is an organisation that provides accommodation and support to people who are re-joining the community after spending periods at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. A part of this 're-joining the community' is healthy eating, and it was the prospect of being able to produce fresh fruit and veg that prompted The Bridges to approach CRASH for assistance in converting a wild Allotment space into an area that could yield produce.

RedSky being a patron of CRASH were offered the project, a hands on, make a difference day, which they accepted.


After an initial site visit to assess the size of the project, it was thought that 10 staff for a day would be required to clear the area and prepare plots for vegetable production. Weather and access problems forced back the date until 3rd March, when the green light was lit and 8 staff wielding a variety of garden weaponry descended on Field Street in Hull.

The Allotment space is jointly owned and the top half was the focus for the day.

The initial group arrived on site at 8:30 and set about taking the ‘before’ digital shots, then started clearing an area at the top end of the space for all the waste. It was immediately obvious that brambles, nettles and small bushes had been given the run of the land for some years. In addition there had been fly tipping in the past , hence the clearing aspect was to take up a significant portion of the day.

The outcome of all the hard work was a decent sized plot for the Bridges to develop a fruit and veg garden.. A big well done to all the team involved !

Thanks to Barbara OBrien of The Bridges and the Chilli Chefs

The RedSky IT Allotment Crew:

Dan Osborne, Errol DeHoedt, John Rigby, John Birtchet-Sharpe, Lee Betts, Paul Kivell and Steve Allen and Bryan Wiggans.

For more information on CRASH please see