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100th customer signs up to Hosting Service

RedSkyIT is delighted to announce that T Butler & Son (Sawston) Ltd in Cambridge is the 100th customer to sign up to the Application Hosting Service.

Application hosting is possibly one of the biggest developments in the technology sector in recent years. Analysts are forecasting that many companies will move individual or multiple applications out of their own IT environment and into hosted environments over the next five years.

Many customers make a strategic decision to switch to hosting. Others choose to switch because their existing server no longer has hardware maintenance cover or because they are experiencing problems and are worried about the safety of their data, and the impact on their business should the system be unavailable for any length of time. Whichever reason Application Hosting is now helping businesses to operate more efficiently and with reduced exposure to risks by:

  • Removing the need for big capital outlays on new hardware and running costs.
  • Allowing companies to keep capital in hand for "rainy days"
  • Offering affordable and predictable monthly costs.
  • Letting them pay as they grow rather than over-purchase capacity upfront.
  • Outsourcing management of all software upgrades and patching to RedSkyIT.
  • Having the ability to connect to their system remotely e.g. from a home PC.
  • Daily mirroring of hosting servers to provide disaster recovery.
  • Giving them peace of mind that their data is secure.
  • Offering peace of mind that the system and data they need to run their business is always available when they need it.

Could Hosting help your business?

  • Is your current server four or more years old?
  • Has your hardware maintenance agreement ended?
  • Have you experienced problems with your server?
  • Are you worried about the safety of your data?
  • Are you considering your IT strategy for the coming year?

Whether you’re using Summit 1000, Summit 2000, Summit 3000, or Summit 5000, if the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" then Hosting might be the solution for you.

For more details on hosting click here

Customers that all ready have a server in place can use this service to manage their Disaster Recovery needs by backing up nightly on to one of the RedSky hosted servers. In the event of a situation where access to the office is denied or theft of IT kit is an issue then the ability to log on temporarily to our hosted servers is an option available to all customers. For more detail on DR solutions click here

For further information on RedSkyIT Hosting options, including our Hosted Backup Service, please contact Lisa or Julia in our CRM Team on +44 (0)20 3002 8700 or click here to contact us