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Summit Cloud Options Prove Popular

Five new customers have placed orders in the last month for the cloud option of Summit running Financials and Estimating.

ESM Power, C-Field, Provision UK, Peak contractors, and Allard Construction have invested in cloud options to take advantage of the many benefits that come with this option.

With RedSky IT hosting you not only remove the overhead costs of buying, installing, and maintaining a local server but also;

  • RedSky IT manages overnight backups ensuring they are verified each morning.
  • RedSky IT applies ALL upgrades and patches.
  • RedSky IT hosted servers are mirrored providing Disaster Recovery and peace of mind.
  • Companies can access their systems securely from virtually anywhere providing they have an internet enabled PC. This provides continuity of access since their system can be accessed from a home PC should that be necessary e.g. because of power cut, fire, or flood at their office.

RedSky IT has been providing this service since 2008 and have a proven track record in supporting customers via this method.

Jenny Smith of J.E.T. Construction in Milton Keynes says:
"The Summit system is secure, easy to use, and I have the confidence that the system is all ways accessible either in the office or at home, which gives me the option to work from either location when the need arises. Managing system updates, legislative changes, and daily backups is a chore we no longer have to worry about as RedSky IT maintain the solution at their hosting centre, this is a great benefit. I also find the support I receive from the RedSky support team to be excellent and would recommend this system and service to anyone."

If you would like more information on RedSky IT and their product options please click here or telephone +44 (0)20 3002 8700.