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What areas are covered by the WAMS solution?

The single integrated software solution helps organisations manage the entire process as depicted in the following solution map. Click on the image to review more detail.

More detail on WAMS

Asset stewardship:

  • Helps identify where the assets are and how to find them – so that you can maintain them.
  • Helps value the asset and manage depreciation of each asset.
  • Helps manage how an asset is best used – utilisation.
  • Helps with public protection responsibilities – such as safety
  • Helps store records on the history of maintenance carried out on an asset
  • Helps with decision making on assets – risk management.

Maintenance management:

  • Helps schedule the examination of the condition of assets
  • Covers both reactive and proactive maintenance jobs
  • Issues work instructions to the operatives to carry out the work
  • Work is driven by customer demand (calls) and the condition of each asset
  • Helps adhere to codes of practice and industry standards set and helps mitigate risk

Works management:

  • Deals with the scheduling of works maintenance
  • Issues instructions to a DLO/DSO unit or contractor
  • Deals with the whole process of managing the jobs, scheduling people, resources, time and materials.
  • Captures costs of all time and materials used on a job.
  • Manages procurement of goods & materials for jobs and manages stores/stock.
  • Helps manage and monitor all maintenance calls
  • Manages and monitors real time costs of jobs.
  • Deals with valuation and final billing to the client.
  • Includes the use of schedules of rates or open book contracts.

Financial & cost management:

  • An integrated solution offering a choice of its own financial accounting suite for an operation or integration back to a chosen software product (i.e. central council system).
  • Helps with budget management and managing variations.
  • Offers much tighter financial control of operations.


  • Provides a range of reporting tools to ensure organisations can report against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that local authorities have to report against/measure their performance against.
  • Example KPIs include measures around the condition of assets, responsiveness to customers/customer service, quality of work done.
  • Solution helps generate reports against a whole range of industry, local and national KPIs set.

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