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Inspection Reports, Incident Reports, Disciplinary forms, Leave Requests, Absence Reporting, Health and Safety Checklists…the lists are endless…….Quickly and easily capturing information is key to many of your business functions.

All too often manual paper based notes are made and then re-typed. That takes time, and costs money. This process though will still leave you with the issue of how to access the data you have captured. How do you report on word documents? Re-key the data again into a Spread Sheet?

Summit forms allows you to take any paper or word based document and, using simple to use straightforward functions, turn it into an electronic form that can be used online, or sent to mobile devices for on or off line use and subsequent update. The information received is held in database tables and using the powerful Summit Business Analytics (designed for non-technical people to use) can be reported and analysed without any re-keying. The ability to link Forms together and use the workflow engine with forms allows additional data to be collected as the form moves around the business.

An example of this could be a construction site near miss accident form. Instead of the person writing on a paper form or a word document they use a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet to enter key details of the event such as weather conditions, time of incident, capture pictures of the location and obtain signatures of witnesses. The form can then be routed through any approval or sign off processes with further details being added along the way being routed to the health and safety team at head office. The data on how many near misses or accidents have occurred, who involved and on what contracts immediately updated for analysis.

These forms routines can be linked to Summit Workflow and Approvals so you can ensure that they flow smoothly through the organisation and reach the correct departments and or members of staff. Summit Forms will save hours of time every week.

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