Make real-time actions visible, control change, eliminate risk & achieve ongoing incremental gains from improved operational efficiency with RedSky construction software.

Redsky SOFTWARE For the construction industry

RedSky's Operational, Commercial & Financial software delivers gains across all types of construction and contracting projects. Our continuous software innovation enables cumulative improvements to construction processes. Improve your performance with RedSky ERP software, which directly translates into measurable efficiency and success. That’s what you need to stay ahead.

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Business Analytics »

RedSky has developed ERP Business Analytics to provide end users with clear management information in a browser environment.

Financials »

The software incorporates core accounting ledgers together with operational construction specific functionality dealing with subcontractor management including CIS, Contract costing, Procurement, Plant management, Retentions and Contract/sundry sales.

Payroll & HR »

RedSky ERP provides costing payroll for UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Caribbean and Middle East. It can handle weekly and monthly paid employees, costing their time to contracts as well as calculating their take home pay.

Project Information Management »

The Project Information Management module allows you to manage all documents associated with your projects and control change.

Estimating & Surveying »

This can be seamlessly integrated with our Core Financial applications, so that contractors can benefit from one single solution for both Financial and Estimating control.

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Procurement »

The Purchase Order Processing system is concerned with the production and management of orders placed with suppliers of materials, plant, etc and the subsequent matching with goods received notes (GRN’s) and eventually the supplier’s invoice.

Subcontractors & CIS »

The sub contractors ledger maintains and reports on all relevant information with regard to sub contractors. Inputs can be made from invoices, applications and certificates.

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Cost Value Reconciliation »

From decades of working with construction industry clients, we learned that each company approaches cost value reconciliation (CVR) in its own unique way. As a result, RedSky's CVR is highly customisable, consistent, controllable, and efficient.

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Forms & Workflow »

The Forms module provides you with a great way to digitise paper-based forms. You can create whichever RedSky forms you need to meet the unique needs of your business. Summit forms allows data to be captured in the field – offline.

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StreamBIM »

StreamBIM gives you real-time access to the models, drawings, and documents where you need them i.e. on site and in the hands of those executing the work.

Invoice Register »

Inefficient invoice processes can add up to a significant business overhead, with a high proportion of the Finance team’s time spent on manually processing and approving invoices, as well as resolving discrepancies.

Making Tax Digital »

The government is making fundamental changes to the tax system, to make it more effective, efficient and simple for taxpayers. These changes will also help prevent errors and mistakes that are estimated to cost HMRC more than £9 billion in lost tax every year.

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Reverse Charge VAT »

From 1 March 2021 the domestic VAT reverse charge must be used for most supplies of building and construction services. The charge applies to standard and reduced-rate VAT services: -for individuals or businesses who are registered for VAT in the UK -reported within the Construction Industry Scheme.
RedSky software allows the efficient processing of RCV.

Information Management and Project Collaboration Software »

A project solution offering single or multiple projects, information and process management tools, including powerful forms captured on mobile and actionable insight for compliance purposes. Project teams can reduce time and costs by replicating best practice across their entire project portfolio and reap the often small but incremental and cumulative gains from digital transformation.

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