RedSky has a long pedigree in the construction industry market place.

The current company was formed through the merger of a number of the main suppliers to the industry during the 1990’s.

October 2016

Web2 Framework

- Mobile, Alerting launched

Web2 Framework

-Forms & Workflow modules launched

October 2015
October 2014

Web2 Framework

Content & Document Management suite of modules

Explorer Group renamed JDM Technology Group

to better reflect the identity of its individual operating companies and their respective product brands while discernibly positioning the software group for future growth and expansion.

October 2014
October 2012

Web2 Framework

Business Analytics

Web Client

Summit in a Web browser launched

October 2011
October 2010

Mobile Client

Summit Service management offline working on Android and iPhone

RedSky IT became part of the Explorer Software group of companies

- who specialise in the same market sector but primarily in North America.


The Database

 - mainly supplied mid range construction companies with sql server based systems starting in the late 1990s, their main product was DEMA

Late 1990s


the full integration of the various business units under the new name Ramesys

Mid 1990s


 - supplied the AEC sector with project accounting systems firstly with their Conquest product and then later with their Progression product.

FCG Computer Systems

– mainly supplied smaller construction companies with their first systems being on the commodore pet in 1983, their products were FCG1 and Winbuild


Brandt Construction Computing

 – mainly supplied mid range construction companies with unix based systems starting in the mid 1980s, their main product was Buildax

B&C Systems

 – supplied similar systems to Brandt starting in 1987, their main product was MICAbuild

Mid 1980s

Mentor Systems

 – mainly supplied large construction companies with unix based systems starting in the mid 1980s, their main products were MAX and MENTOR

Our Pedigree

RedSky is a leading provider of critical business systems applications to the Construction & Contracting market.

Our success is based on combining a detailed knowledge of customer market requirements with highly developed IT skills, and we attribute that success to our dedicated and professional employees who deliver these solutions. We are committed to the personal and professional development of all of our employees and aim to recruit individuals who thrive in a fast moving and dynamic environment.

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