We developed RedSky’s award-winning construction project management solution as an integrated, modular structure. Our additional modules aren’t bolt-ons; they are wholly compatible with your existing RedSky system and fit in seamlessly.

RedSky’s additional modules are designed to lighten your team’s load – and that includes your quarterly tax returns. They take the hassle out of managing data, documents, drawings and images while also providing fast, easy, secure access whenever it’s needed. There are multiple options, including digitising your paper-based forms and enhancing collaboration with fast-streaming BIM construction software.

Take advantage of the business efficiencies that RedSky’s additional modules will introduce. Go on, give your teams a break…

Project Information Management

The Project Information Management module allows you to manage all documents associated with your business, including projects, Human Resources, Purchasing and more.

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Forms & Workflow

The Forms module provides you with a great way to digitise paper-based forms. You can create whichever Summit forms you need to meet the unique needs of your business. Summit forms alows data to be captured in the field – offline.

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Estimating & Surveying

This can be seamlessly integrated with our Core Financial applications, so that contractors can benefit from one single solution for both Financial and Estimating control.

Document & Content Management

Create, store and search across all your content and associate it with Projects, Employees, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Assets..

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StreamBIM gives you real-time access to the models, drawings, and documents where you need them i.e. on site and in the hands of those executing the work.

Making Tax Digital

The government is making fundamental changes to the tax system, to make it more effective, efficient and simple for taxpayers. These changes will also help prevent errors and mistakes that are estimated to cost HMRC more than £9 billion in lost tax every year.