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Rhodar: ERP Software Migration

The Rhodar Case Study

Rhodar needed a central system that could manage every aspect of their company and provide accurate, real-time information to drive decision-making. RedSky’s construction management software has united the company’s 500+ employees into a single system, allowing them to complete, document, and process jobs across the US.

Learn how RedSky’s software helped Rhodar improve operations, strategically handle expenses, manage payroll, and more.

The company

rhodar logoEstablished in 1976, Rhodar is a leading specialist enabling works provider of asbestos removal, demolition and land remediation services.

The collective experience and expertise of the company’s 500+ employees make Rhodar a natural first-choice partner for regeneration schemes and enabling works across the UK, while also meeting the highest industry standards of service and performance.

The challenge

Rhodar had implemented what was supposed to have been a centralised ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. However, it hadn’t lived up to expectations.

Group Finance Director Andy Finn said: “Generating reliable, consistent management information was a constant challenge for our business. It was particularly difficult to gain a clear picture of the resource allocations involved in multiple projects across our various regional operations – the key data we needed to run our company effectively.”

What Rhodar required was one central system that would deal with all aspects of the business and provide accurate, relevant information to help drive growth.

The solution

By July 2016 all nine Rhodar offices had gone live with the RedSky Construction ERP Summit system. It’s now making a big difference throughout the organisation.

In the Homeworks Division, for example, issuing an asbestos survey report to a customer used to take up to a week. This task can now be achieved in a much shorter time frame – the surveyor completes a form at the customer’s house on a mobile device and the survey data is automatically uploaded into a report format at the office, ready to issue to the customer.

Regional offices were using spreadsheets and manual records to log items of hire equipment in and out. These processes were unreliable and people kept forgetting to off-hire them. The Construction ERP system (Summit) has changed all that. “We now have a simple dashboard that tells us exactly what we’ve got on hire and flags up when equipment needs to be off-hired,” said Andy. “We’re no longer paying for hire equipment that we don’t need and we’re saving at least half a day in every region, purely on tracking the plant.”

“People are now using their time more productively and more intelligently, to help run the business more efficiently and effectively” – Andy Finn, Finance Director

The results

RedSky’s ERP Construction Summit’s stock control is also providing clarity to the business. “We now have great control,” said Andy, “with automated reports showing us exactly what we’ve spent on each job, as well as the profitability of each job. We can also see how much PPE equipment we’ve bought for each site operative. We’ve never had that knowledge before.”

RedSky’s ERP Construction Summit’s analytics capability is working well. Andy said: “By way of example, real-time reporting of overdue debt has enabled us to achieve a sharper business focus, a significant reduction in debtor days and a consequent improvement in cash flow.”

rhodar Weekly payslips are now emailed out to Rhodar’s 300 site operatives, rather than being printed, stuffed into envelopes and posted. This is saving print and postage costs of £11,000 a year, plus around one and a half days a week to manually print, package and post the payslips.

With fewer products to support, Rhodar pays less on licensing fees and has fewer servers to run. Andy said: “Now that we have one system doing everything, we’ve decommissioned five servers, so there will be a significant saving in terms of the cost of maintaining and supporting those too.”

RedSky software enables construction companies to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. We make real-time actions visible, enabling you to control change, eliminate risk and achieve ongoing incremental gains from improved operational efficiency. Across all types of construction and contracting projects our software is scalable, modular and proven to improve performance and productivity.

Download the full case study here.