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Estimating Software That Helps You Win Your Next Construction Contract

Streamline your business’s cost estimating process ahead of your next pitch. Our module makes it easy to create estimates, update pricing information, compare resources or subcontractor details, and so much more. In no time, you’ll streamline operations, improve efficiencies and, most importantly, win more contracts.

Estimating Software That Helps You Win Your Next Construction Contract

Streamline your business’s cost estimating process ahead of your next pitch. Our module makes it easy to create estimates, update pricing information, compare resources or subcontractor details, and so much more. In no time, you’ll streamline operations, improve efficiencies and, most importantly, win more contracts.

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Features of Our Construction Estimating Software Module

Enhanced efficiencies and automated workflows are not the only things our estimating software module offers. Finally, your estimators can visualise project-specific data to help them create more precise estimates in time for tender. 

Here's what you can expect from our module:

  • Customisable forms and automated letter generation to help manage enquiries.
  • Seamless data importing, allowing you to store budget, vendor data and diagrams in one central location.
  • Custom views depending on the user, meaning you can ensure read-only rights when necessary.
  • Full support during the estimating process, allowing you to start much earlier in the project.

And much more…

What’s Included in Our Cost Estimating Software Module?

Designed to help you win your next contract, our module will simplify the estimate process, keep track of your data and compare resources.

Using our module, your team can easily import estimate data  into the system. This user-friendly process saves vital time at the beginning of the estimating process, allowing your teams to get ahead. You’ll be able to:

  • Seamlessly integrate and import estimate data
  • Commence pricing estimation earlier in the project
  • Import customer and QS data through CSV or CITE formats
  • Import images from scanned hard-copy documents

With this system, wasted time and duplicate work becomes a thing of the past. Once you import the estimate data, the system maintains one copy to ensure users work from the same source. However, we also allow for multi-user access, so multiple estimators can price different elements of the same job at the same time. You can enjoy:

  • A centralised database to work from that can be limited to read-only rights
  • Estimate completion that can be done from a web browser
  • Adjustable settings that allow relevant stakeholders access to the data
  • Easy location of individual pricing information

Bill Pricing

The libraries are flexible, making it easier for estimators to build up bids. The system features various pricing modes, which allow your team to quickly enter one-off rates and lump sum entries.

Configurable Screens

Estimators can create user-defined screens, allowing them to see customised views of centrally held data. These screens integrate with other desktop applications, such as Microsoft Excel, to streamline the estimating process. Using these tools, estimators can eliminate mistakes and highlight elements of the estimate that require further attention, such as unpriced or partly priced items.

Resource Comparison

As the estimate is compiled, the system builds up resource lists. Throughout the estimate process, estimators can globally adjust these lists, update prices, and make specification changes. With multi-user access, all departments can simultaneously work on the same estimate in real-time. Instead of waiting for tasks to be completed, all departments can complete the necessary sections of the estimate, progressing it further.

Tender Overview and Summaries

Last-minute pricing changes or adjustments are made using a simple keystroke, ensuring bids against a tender deadline are as up-to-date as possible and accurately recorded. If further adjustments and negotiations are required, users highlight updated information, allowing for faster and more informed decisions to be made.

Tender/Estimate Adjustment

Quickly calculate and distribute profit and overheads. Using this feature, the final tender meeting decisions are made using more accurate information, giving all parties transparency if the job is won.

This module provides standard reports that break down all elements of the data held in the system. With Crystal Reporting, users can edit and amend standard reports to suit individual company requirements.


Supplier and subcontractor records are held in a central location, allowing your organisation to use, maintain, and update the database for procurement, estimating and accounts functions. Each record holds vital information allowing you to review records quickly.

Supplier and Subcontractor Comparisons

Supplier and subcontractor comparisons are used as an estimating tool and as a contract management and procurement tool.


Estimates can be easily tagged or marked up to generate trade packages for both material and subcontractor enquires and comparisons.

Benefits of Our Cost Estimating Software for Construction

From simplified variable management to comprehensive reporting, our module is designed to make your cost estimating process seamless.

You will enjoy the following benefits with our estimating software module:

  • Streamlined cost estimating process:

    our module simplifies complex and time-consuming processes, saving your team time and effort.

  • Efficiently import your data:

    reduce manual tasks, such as data entry and search, with a system that makes it easy to import your data too. From cost calculations to subcontractor details to hard-copy images, your data can be easily combined, ready for analysis and comparison.

  • Customise with user-defined screens:

    your estimators can tailor what they view based on user-defined screens, allowing them to see the data they need and improve usability.

  • Compare and collaborate on resources:

    your team benefits from real-time resource comparison, enabling them to see the most up-to-date information possible. With multi-user access, you’ll be able to collaborate on key projects.

  • Overview and summarise tender adjustments:

    during the tender and pitching process, you can make quick adjustments and updates to ensure the data you present is always correct. This could increase your likelihood of winning your next major construction contract.

  • Comprehensive reporting:

    our robust module allows for in-depth analysis of project data, aiding both decision-making and transparent reporting.

  • Improved cost analysis:

    you can define contract-specific cost analysis based on type or resource, aiding your teams with financial management.

  • Efficiently manage your suppliers and subcontractors:

    securely and conveniently store all vendor data, including vital information and performance notes. This helps to enhance your procurement process.

  • Manage all enquiries:

    Thanks to customisable forms and automatic letter generations, you’ll be able to free up your team from this administrative task.

  • Compare quotes with ease:

    decipher the best quotes submitted by suppliers and subcontractors and manage any potential risks your supply chain might face.


Let Us Help You Win Your Next Construction Contract

Our estimating module is designed with your business in mind. As well as enabling you to easily adjust estimations pre-tender, we also ensure you can clearly communicate changes to relevant stakeholders, such as project managers and suppliers.

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