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5 Ways to Improve Payroll and HR Processes in the Construction Industry

Payroll and human resources (HR) processes can be time-consuming and stressful. In the construction industry, there are often added complexities to contend with, including skilled labourers coming and going, multiple pay rates and departments, union requirements, tax rates and legislative changes, as well as a mix of paper and electronic data to sort through. This also involves handling potentially sensitive personal information, which also requires secure storage and processing.

Paying workers accurately and on time helps you to retain top talent, maintain the workforce morale and avoid legal issues. Payroll software for the construction industry can help you to streamline your payroll and HR processes, achieving efficiencies that have a positive impact on your bottom line.  

digitalise payroll for constructionHow to Better Manage Your Construction Payroll & HR Processes

As explained in our recent blog Six Reasons to Manage Payroll Digitally, digitising and streamlining your processes will introduce many new benefits that go beyond simply being more efficient. It will save you time, money and major headaches. 

Improving how you manage your construction payroll and HR processes needs to be carefully thought through. Do it right and you’ll also have full visibility of your data in near real-time to improve your reporting capabilities and gain important business insights. Below we list five key steps on your payroll transformation journey:

  1.   Invest in Construction Payroll Software

Construction-specific payroll software is designed to accommodate the industry’s unique and complex requirements. It automates all the complicated calculations regarding wages, type of worker, deductions and tax, resulting in accurate payments.

  1.   Digitalise with Cloud-Based Tools

Digitalisation with cloud-based tools reduces costs incurred due to misfiled or missing documentation, regulatory breaches and common data-entry errors associated with paper documents. It reduces security risks and all payroll and HR data can be securely accessed easily from a central location.construction workers with tablet

  1.   Go Paperless

Going paperless with payroll saves time and money. Emailing encrypted payslips removes the need to print out payslips and post them to your staff and subcontractors. You save money on stationery and postage, there’s no risk of payslips arriving late or getting lost in the post, and payments are made quickly. As a paperless solution, it’s also better for the environment. 

  1.   Use Collaborative Solutions

Cloud-based construction payroll software helps to connect your teams, enabling colleagues to collaborate easily across departments and from any location. Enabling payroll-linked data to be shared across your organisation will support collaboration and informed decision-making.

  1.   Embrace New Technologies

From smartphones to tablets, people are now routinely using technology for work purposes. It’s time for the construction industry to embrace those technologies too. Payroll software provides streamlined, efficient ways for workers to complete their timesheets and view important information like payslips, P60s and pension communications — at any time and from anywhere. 

Advantages of HR & Payroll Software for Construction Companies

Improving your payroll and HR processes may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you take advantage of solutions designed to meet the needs of the construction industry, like RedSky’s payroll and HR software

We make it easy for you to manage timesheets, saving you time and money with paperless solutions and improving collaboration across your construction organisation. RedSky’s Construction HR and Payroll Software solutions can give you the advantages you need to increase productivity and grow your bottom line.  

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