The Benefits of Software for Quantity Surveyors

The Benefits of Software for Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyor softwareQuantity surveyors are increasingly using technology to help digitise their processes, create a single source of information throughout the project and make financial reporting easier at the project end.

From project inception through to settling the final accounts at the end of the work, a quantity surveyor handles huge amounts of data. The use of software benefits quantity surveyors greatly as they can process and analyse project information and costs quicker, estimate more accurately and provide reports with ease.

What Types of Software Do Quantity Surveyors Use?

Quantity surveyors will use a variety of software to help them with their work. Common software that quantity surveyors will use includes:

  1. Estimating software. This helps to improve the accuracy and validity of estimation quotes as well as provide by-the-minute cost monitoring for any changes that occur along the way.
  2. Statistics software. Good statistics software will help to keep reporting and data management easy while providing an easy way to share information with others.
  3. Reporting software. Reporting software should integrate with multiple platforms and provide one cohesive platform where reports can be generated with ease.

What are the Benefits of Software to Quantity Surveyors?

Quantity surveyors wear numerous hats, so having software to assist in each aspect of their role hugely benefits them through time efficiencies and error reduction.

1. Greater Estimate Accuracy

Historically, estimations were done manually, referencing plans, blueprints as well as supplier cost sheets. Today, estimations are done using technology, and this is a huge benefit to the wider industry. As well as improved accuracy, there’s also a better speed of approval.

2. Consistent Information & Updates

Quantity Surveyor in Office

One of the biggest issues with building projects, especially large-scale sites, has been the lack of information on changes. As part of the Building Safety Act, there is now an onus to have clear documentation on all and any changes made, including costs and estimations, as well as the reasoning for these changes.

As such, intuitive information management software will be invaluable to a quantity surveyor, as it provides a consistent source of information as well as detailed update tracking.

3. Shortens Take-Off Timelines

A take-off refers to the accurate estimation of the number of materials required for a construction project. So-called, surveyors ‘take-off’ the items from plans or blueprints and work out how much of each material will be needed, and then calculate the cost associated with that.

A specialist estimation software with take-off abilities will be able to reduce guesswork and provide more accurate estimation values for each aspect. It will also be able to log changes and provide insight into why certain materials were chosen, something that is required for the Building Safety Act.


4. Mitigates Risk of Overages

In construction, the risk of overages is incredibly costly, both to the quantity surveyor and to the companies funding the work. Having to go over cost, especially in large sums can be the cause of project incompletion or cutting corners which carries significant risks.

By using estimation software, you can more accurately understand the needs and costs of a project, adjust for inflation and ensure that any overage risk is managed from the offset.

5. Increases Control of the Project

Quantity surveyor on tablet

For a quantity surveyor, having control over a project is imperative. While working with the project manager or construction manager, a quantity surveyor is responsible for managing the cost and finance side more than others.

With the correct software, a quantity surveyor is able to increase their control over the project, and hopefully identify and mitigate risks before they become serious errors.

6. Increased Efficiency

As with many software benefits, increased efficiency is one key part. Efficiencies can be made in many ways; time, administration costs, reduction in errors and even in the number of people working on a project.

All of these efficiencies lend to different software, and each is just as important for the overall progress of a construction site.

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