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Construction Project Management Tools are Changing the Game for Contractors

Challenges for Contractors in Construction Management

on construction job site with softwareContractors play an important role in construction management, with responsibility for a wide range of tasks, as well as people. Key activities include project planning, management monitoring, construction site safety, budget management and subcontractor hiring.

With so many responsibilities and moving pieces, contractors face many construction management challenges that risk harming the success of a project. Examples include:

1. Poorly defined goals

Construction projects often have multiple participants and stakeholders. Poorly defined goals, unclear project objectives and miscommunication can result in a lack of coordination, which in turn can lead to disaster.

2. Cost overruns

Many construction projects fail to meet their initial cost estimates… and the larger the project, the higher the risk of cost overrun. 

3. Project delays

In construction, there are many risks and uncertainties, from scheduling conflicts to supply chain shortages, that can delay projects. 

4. Poor communication

Clear communication is vital to the success of a construction project. Without it, essential tasks risk falling through the cracks and essential information may be misunderstood

Construction Project Management Solutions for Contractors

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With so many challenges for contractors to contend with, what are the best solutions for construction project management? 

Construction project management solutions are software tools designed to help streamline processes and day-to-day tasks, improve efficiency and enhance communication, all of which can boost overall profitability

Modern project management tools and solutions make paper forms, cumbersome blueprints and spreadsheets a thing of the past, while also reducing risks and errors. That’s why construction companies are increasingly using digital technologies designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry. Among the most effective solutions are cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and document management software.  

Construction project management software helps solve many contractor challenges. It allows construction project managers to clearly define goals and manage sign-offs and documentation to help prevent scope creep and delays. With real-time data, contractors can quickly analyse the information to spot potential cost overruns, scheduling problems and more. The many benefits of ERP software include improving the accuracy of cost estimates, limiting cost overruns and improving the bottom line.

Construction project management software enables contractors to digitise and share key data. This improves communication because everyone is ‘on the same page’, with access to the same real-time information. In turn, this enables teams and stakeholders to make better, more informed decisions.

With real-time information, digitised data and improved communication, projects will run more smoothly, remaining on time and budget.

RedSky’s Construction Project Management Software Solutions

When you’re looking for the right construction project management software solutions to address your construction challenges, take a good look at what RedSky has to offer. construction software on laptop

RedSky’s ERP Software and Construction Document Management System – Project Connect – are designed specifically to meet the unique needs and challenges of the construction industry. 

Our software solutions, tools and modules put the power back into your hands, with real-time information that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere; enhanced communication for better decision-making; and streamlined processes for improved efficiency. 

Learn more about how RedSky’s construction ERP solutions and wide-ranging construction project management tools can improve your bottom line – simply request a demo with one of our specialists. You can also get in touch through our contact form or by giving us a call at (+44) 020 3002 8600.