A smarter construction ERP cloud platform

Our award-winning construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) system makes real-time actions visible across your Finance, Commercial, Operational and site teams, enabling you to control change and reduce risk.
Eradicate double-handling and clunky processes by choosing RedSky. Our cloud-based, fully integrated and user-friendly construction software solution will improve operational efficiencies, productivity and margins across your business.

Discover how 1,000+ construction sector organisations are achieving incremental gains and competitive advantage.

RedSky is an end-to-end construction management platform that’s modular and highly scalable. Contractors, sub-contractors, specialist contractors, M&E, developers, civil engineers and fit-out experts are among the many organisations that rely on the system to connect their Finance, Commercial, Operational and site teams.

Aside from being recognised as the Winner of Construction Financial Management Software from 2018-2021,  Project Accounting Software of 2020 and Best Construction ERP in 2022, here are six more reasons to choose RedSky ERP cloud platform as your next construction solution:

Our software keeps your Operational,
Commercial, Finance and site-based teams connected. It speeds up processes and makes real-time data instantly accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Your teams can make confident decisions informed by accurate data displayed on powerful, user-friendly dashboards.

Our fully integrated platform reduces risk and puts you back in control. Everything’s stored securely in a central location, so there’s no need to worry about double-handling, running reports from disparate systems, relying on out-of-date information or losing data.

Use our integrated tools to reduce the time and money you spend on procuring subcontractors, materials and plant. You’ll improve the quality and visibility of your data; implement delegated levels of authority and workflow approvals; manage plant hire effectively; negotiate better prices; weed out poor suppliers; and incentivise star performers.

Supply chains play a critical role in construction. They require careful management, meticulous attention to detail and continuous risk assessment. RedSky can help you identify supply chain issues at an early stage and take remedial action to prevent delays and disruption on site.

The shortage of skilled staff in the construction sector is no secret. You’ll be more likely to attract high-calibre recruits if you can demonstrate your use of our cutting-edge technology to optimise your work processes. And once they’ve joined the business, you’ll be more likely to retain them too.

We’re forever engaging with our customers, to make sure we understand their evolving needs and the challenges they face. These invaluable customer insights shape and inform the ongoing development of our software. RedSky remains at the forefront of construction ERP technology – let us help you to future-proof your business.


We’re proud to retain a loyal base of 1,000+ construction sector organisations who rely on RedSky to keep driving new efficiencies across their business. Our software is improving productivity in all areas of construction.

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