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Streamlined Solutions for Subcontractor Payment Processing: RedSky and Payapps Partnership

If you dread the prospect of processing supply chain applications for payment, we’re about to brighten up your day. RedSky has partnered with Payapps to deliver a fully integrated, seamless, pain-free assessment, certification and payment process for construction industry applications for payment.

There are many nuances in the UK and Ireland’s construction industry, none more so than when it comes to managing subcontractors. 

Applications for payment are a prime example. As well as being time-consuming, error-prone and complicated to process, they often involve gathering information from a range of sources, like spreadsheets, emails and paper-based documents.

Without proper controls in place, an application for payment may be overlooked, misfiled or lost. If this happens, the payment notice deadline can easily be missed and the contractor may become embroiled in fighting ‘smash and grab’ claims and costly payment disputes

But there is of course an internal risk too: lack of visibility. If your QS has a pile of unprocessed applications for payment on his desk, the Finance Director will not be able to see the full picture.  Calculating the definitive total potential liability for any month will be impossible, so they’ll have to make do with the best estimate instead.

Thankfully there is an easier way. RedSky has teamed up with Payapps to offer a fully integrated solution that automates, standardises and manages your subcontractors’ submission of payment applications, their assessment, certification and payment. Together, this brings many significant benefits to RedSky customers, including full visibility, control and compliance in relation to supply chain payments.

Achieving Full Visibility in Subcontractor Payment Processing

Subcontract orders are raised in RedSky and passed seamlessly to Payapps. When making an application for payment, subcontractors log onto the Payapps portal and electronically submit their application, eliminating the need for email, spreadsheets, or paper documents.

They will receive an automated acknowledgement from the system straight away and can log back on at any point to track the progress of their application – so there’s no need for them to badger the contractor for an update.

But it’s not just the supplier who has full visibility. As soon as subcontractors submit their electronic payment applications, the main contractor’s Commercial Team, Finance department, and all other authorised users can immediately view the current total liability for payment on the system, ensuring everyone is in the loop.

Enhanced Control through Automated Processing and Seamless Data Transfer

An integrated platform automates and manages the processing of applications for payment, contract variations and payment notices. The automated transfer of critical financial data between RedSky and the Payapps collaboration platform is seamless.

The efficiency and accuracy achieved using streamlined workflows and automation are music to the ears of contractors who are often bogged down with time-consuming manual practices prone to errors and double handling. 

Subcontractors can manage their payment applications on the Payapps portal from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with an internet connection, making their lives simpler.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Streamlined Processes

The UK Construction Act and the Construction Contracts Act in Ireland strictly regulate payment applications.

To mitigate the risk of falling foul of the legislation, Payapps provides automated alerts for approaching dates and deadlines, as well as outstanding tasks. Compliance is also supported by all relevant documents being safely stored on the system for a comprehensive audit trail.

Effortless and Integrated Payment Processing for Subcontractors

RedSky and Payapps’ user-friendly solution is ideal for main contractors and their subcontractors.

The process is integrated and effortless, aimed to provide a smooth experience. Payapps handles the operational tasks while RedSky manages transactions such as subcontract orders and payments. However, you don’t need to be concerned about these details as they occur seamlessly behind the scenes.

Many RedSky customers have been benefiting from this innovative, integrated solution for some time. It’s an efficient, tried and trusted solution that will save you time and money. With RedSky and Payapps, your subcontract applications for payment will run like clockwork. Why put up with a frustrating manual process when there’s an automated alternative within easy reach?

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