Global Construction Software Solutions

RedSky is part of the JDM Technology Group, a privately-owned, professionally managed global construction software group supporting more than 13000 construction businesses in 40 countries across 6 continents.

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The Group’s mission is to become the leading global supplier of enterprise construction software. We will act responsibly, ethically and with a sense of public accountability.

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional software and services that will create a meaningful impact on their bottom line profitability and achieve operational efficiencies. Our success stems from the excellence of our people, our unwavering commitment to our clients and continued innovation to bring them the best solutions. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals specialize in the complex and evolving requirements of the construction industry – ultimately creating powerful solutions designed for modern construction businesses aspiring to deliver excellence in their own areas of expertise.

Our Group strategy is to provide robust leading edge construction solutions that can be focused and supported for a particular region. Each individual company employs its own development, support, sales and administrative teams. This ensures that the legislative needs and best practices  of that region are maintained.

JDM Technology Group also benefits when developing software tools that have no region-specific functions by utilising the development teams across all the businesses to collaborate on producing new software modules. Examples of this team approach are the Web-based modules that can be wrapped around each of the region-specific modules.


Explorer Software | Construction Management Software

Computer Guidance Corporation | Construction Enterprise Resource Planning Solution and eCMS

Mpulse Software | Maintenance Management Software

ConEst Software | Electrical Estimating Software

Vision InfoSoft | Electrical Estimating Software

IndustrySmarts | Construction Content and Pricing Network

JOBPOWER | Construction Management Software

MICROMAIN | Maintenance Management Software

EPAC | Maintenance Management Software

Teamworks | Maintenance Management Software

Maestro Software | Construction Management Software

RedSky | Operational, Commercial and Financial Software

Integrity Software | Construction and Complex Retail Software

Estimate Software | Construction Estimating Software

Rendra AS | 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) Collaboration Software

Safran Software Solutions AS | Project Management and Risk Analysis Software

RedSky MENA | Operational and Accounting Software

CSSP | Construction Management Software

LEVESYS | Construction Management Software

Nimbus Software | Construction and Service Management Software

Plusfactor Group | Construction Management Software

CostCon | Construction Management Software

Spearhead Software | Electrical Estimating Software