Connect all construction business functions with a single software platform with no capital outlay

Act now to kick start your digital transformation to stay ahead of the game by competitive advantage and save money!

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How does no capital outlay really benefit my business and why should I consider it?
What’s so special about RedSky’s offer? Can I really afford to miss out?

Raising capital for your business and acquiring assets to maintain peak performance is no easy task. COVID-19 has created market conditions where cash retention is critical. For construction businesses to win more business and deliver jobs more efficiently than ever before, the right software platform will connect project sites, to the office and the back office. This digital transformation means being able to deliver more for less. It means better margins and boosted profitability. Paying for anything on a monthly payment plan can only be good for business and help you acquire essential but expensive equipment without the full costs. 

With software, you either have the option to pay a large upfront license fee or a subscription which often carries a premium or fixes you to lengthy contract terms.

Partnering with RedSky is different. We’ve been supporting construction businesses for over 45 years and our group companies have 12,000+ customers. We have the software you need to secure a competitive edge and now, we’re eliminating all the obstacles that stand in the way of you investing in the single most powerful software platform built for construction businesses today.

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Tax benefits

The lessee gains tax advantage by being permitted to claim the payment associated with the leased equipment as part of the business expense. This lowers the company’s taxable income.

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Reduce costs

By leasing software, the business can finance 100% of its total costs. This allows your company to use capital to invest in other areas of the business. By using alternative investments, the company can generate extra income.

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Upgrade outdated software

The business world today is changing rapidly because of the rate at which innovation is taking place. As a business owner, it might be difficult and expensive to upgrade outdated software with your strained capital. Leasing can help your business to upgrade without a large capital outlay.

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Budgeting & cash flow is easier

Leasing allows business owners to acquire equipment instantly without necessarily spending a lot of money. Based on a monthly expenses which does not change. This helps business owners to forecast expenses and budget well. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by leasing include a tailored finance plan, instead of all up front, allowing you to spread costs over monthly payments.

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Better Investment

Through leasing you pay the monthly rentals with savings or increased profits derived from the equipment use. Would you pay your office staff their salary three or five years in advance? That is what you effectively do when you pay cash for your equipment.

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Do more with less

Leasing enables you to do more with less. Leasing stretches your available budget so you can acquire more equipment and the latest technology on the market. Optimizing your investment this way enables you to lower your organization’s overall cost of ownership while providing your employees with the tools they need to be successful.

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Grow with reduced risk

Through incremental monthly payments you can expand and evolve your business to meet the next competitive challenge. The idea behind your equipment acquisition is business growth.

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Immediate access to more tools

You can acquire more of the tools you need now. There is no need to wait until funds are available and 100% financing means that deposits are not necessarily required

Connect all construction business functions with a single software platform with no capital outlay

Act now to kick start your digital transformation to stay ahead of the game by competitive advantage and save money!

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