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BDB to migrate to RedSky’s Construction ERP solution

Futureproofing and greater efficiency are two of the main reasons why Sheffield-based BDB Design Build is preparing to migrate to RedSky’s award-winning construction software solution.

Building contractor BDB has been relying on RedSky construction software for around a quarter of a century. Company Secretary Andrea Kelly has been using AXiM on a daily basis for 20 years but appreciates that it’s now time to migrate to the latest RedSky solution.

Aware of the need to keep up with the pace of technological change, Andrea said: “Although AXiM is supported by RedSky, it can’t evolve. The migration will enable us to keep up to date on the technology front and benefit from what 21st century technology has to offer.”

Accounts Payable solution

BDB’s migration includes the implementation of RedSky’s Core Financials as well as the Invoice Register and the Workflow and Approvals module.

Andrea said: “These days I’m being asked to supply more and more reporting information. Once we’re on the latest RedSky system I’ll be able to issue reports more easily because the finance and costing data will be fully integrated.”

BDB usually issues around 25 invoices a month, so Andrea is looking forward to the many efficiencies that the new, digitised accounts payable process will bring – especially on the Workflow and Approvals front.

“We just seem to be getting busier and busier, so I’m hoping that the new system will streamline everything, making it a lot easier and quicker for us to do our day-to-day procedures,” she said. “We won’t have to spend time photocopying invoices, sending them off to site managers and chasing them up for approval – with the best will in the world, site managers are far too busy sometimes to supply completed paperwork!”

After so many years as an AXiM user, Andrea appreciates that working with the latest system will involve a “learning curve” but she’s looking forward to reaping the benefits of her efforts. RedSky has timed the migration to fit around the requirements of Andrea’s role – avoiding the March financial year end was key.

The RedSky team is expecting to migrate BDB to the latest system before the end of July.

About BDB

BDB Design Build Ltd is a building contractor based in Chapeltown, Sheffield. This family business was formed 30 years ago and specialises in commercial construction projects. Working to exacting brand standards, it has successfully delivered high-end showrooms and full-service dealerships to motor manufacturers including Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar, VW and Audi. The company also has extensive experience in building a wide range of office-based, leisure and retail complexes, as well as industrial units.