Brown and Mason chooses RedSky ERP for faster and more flexible reporting

Brown and Mason chooses RedSky ERP for faster and more flexible reporting

Demolition, dismantling and asbestos removal expert Brown and Mason selected RedSky because the system is easy to use, including fast reporting based on real-time data.

Brown and Mason is one of the largest demolition companies in Europe. With multiple live projects on the go at any one time, Finance Director Anita Morris was becoming increasingly frustrated with how difficult and time-consuming it was to process data and run reports.

She said: “The system we had was outdated and inflexible. It did not allow us to process real-time data in the way we would like and had a limited ability to provide customised reports, so we went looking for a new provider. “

Real-time data

Brown and Mason’s selection criteria included real-time data, ease of use and faster and more flexible reporting. Anita said: “We also wanted a less generic and more construction-driven system that could help us to improve things like how we manage our plant hire.

“I had used the RedSky system in a previous role, so I was familiar with the system. But that familiarity wasn’t really a big factor in our decision. RedSky simply ticked more of the boxes than any of the other providers we looked at.”

Faster processing

It’s still early days and Anita is at the chart of accounts product codes stage. But she has very clear ideas about what she wants to achieve. In the short term, she’s keen to implement the Invoice Register, which will speed up the accounts payable process significantly.

Looking further ahead, full visibility of costs in real-time is her main objective. And she won’t be disappointed, because with RedSky Business Analytics Anita will be able to access real-time data at the touch of a button, including comparing project costs against the original tender and the remaining budget.

Summing up, Anita said: “RedSky will be a great tool for the business.”

About Brown and Mason

Founded in 1961, Brown and Mason has always been family-owned and run. The company operates across Europe and specialises in demolition; explosive demolition; decommissioning and dismantling; excavation and remediation; and asbestos removal. It is a longstanding member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.

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