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GRN Register – organised, efficient and speedy

Interior fit-out specialist Portview used to rely on complex and time-consuming manual workarounds to manage its goods received notes (GRNs). RedSky’s GRN Register has introduced a new, more organised process and has dramatically reduced processing times.

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Automated GRNs have become the Holy Grail of many Finance teams. This is particularly true in the construction industry, because of the tendency for these elusive little pieces of paper to get lost on a busy site and hold up the payment process.

Like many companies, missing delivery dockets were an issue for Portview. “We operate a lot of remote sites that change quite often, so it’s difficult for us to get out on site and set up a process that works for each project,” said Darragh Rutherford, Head of Finance.

“We were finding that many delivery dockets were not being returned to Finance in a timely manner – and sometimes not at all – so we were wasting hours hunting down missing paperwork. The process we were using to manage our GRNs was very much a manual workaround.”

Now that Portview is using the GRN Register, things are far more straightforward. The onsite representative takes a photo of the delivery docket or GRN and emails it to a Portview email address used solely for this purpose. The image can then be pulled automatically from the email into the RedSky system. Additionally, with some suppliers now choosing to email GRNs to their customers after delivery, they are able to use the same process and the same dedicated email address.

“The uptake has been really good on all Portview sites,” said Darragh. “Now that sites are sending the delivery dockets and GRNs to us electronically rather than in the post, there is less opportunity for delivery dockets to go astray and we’re processing them far more quickly. Also, we can operate without the need to handle paper – it’s great that the desk is no longer swamped with paper.

“RedSky’s GRN Register has definitely improved how we organise and manage GRNs. It has resulted in a more structured and simplified process, with greater visibility throughout. My Finance colleague now has all the delivery dockets in one place – a ‘virtual workbench’ from which he can move each item across to the relevant job and match it up with the relevant purchase order.”

The fact that RedSky’s GRN Register and Invoice Register are integrated is another big plus point for Portview. Darragh is now looking at implementing RedSky’s new online responsive GRN mobile app at each of his many site locations.

The new app will enable Portview staff to capture information about delivery dockets and GRNs into the RedSky system quickly and easily from anywhere.

Based in Belfast, Portview delivers beautiful interior fit-out projects for the world’s top brands, combining style and substance to achieve ‘the perfect fit’. The company’s portfolio spans a wide range of sectors including health, retail, corporate, sport, residential, heritage and hospitality, with clients including Tiffany & Co., Samsung, Harvey Nichols, Rosewood Hotel, Arsenal F.C., Wimbledon and University of the Arts London (UAL).

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