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Cartwright Homes Choose RedSky ERP

Cartwright Homes is to migrate to RedSky’s latest Construction ERP software. The team plans to maximise the system’s capabilities, to improve efficiency, cost control and decision-making across the organisation.

Family-run housebuilder Cartwright Homes has been with RedSky for more than 15 years. In October, the company will migrate from its legacy product, AXiM, to the latest system.

Although Management Accountant Rob Clarke is happy with AXiM, he’s glad to have signed up for the migration: “We’re a 50-year-old organisation working on a pretty old system that’s been ‘moulded’ over the years to fit our way of working. Although its bespoke nature has worked to our advantage, it has sometimes made things more complicated when it comes to support.

“RedSky is going to be doing a ‘lift and shift’ for us, to transfer all our data across. The process will be more challenging than is usually the case because our system is a bit different from the norm. We wanted to avoid our year end, so are aiming to go live in October. Between now and then, we’ll be testing everything to breaking point, to make sure all goes to plan.

“The migration will give us confidence that, going forward, we’re on a system that’s fully supported and suitable for the 2020s.”

Learning opportunity

Rob views the migration as an invaluable learning opportunity. “At the moment, it’s just me and a Finance team member who use AXiM,” he said. “We’re largely self-taught and are probably using only about 50% of what our current system is capable of, which is frustrating.

“Once we’re on the latest system, I’m really looking forward to learning how to get the most out of it. I think it’ll be good for us as a company. It’ll be nice to find out about new ways of doing things quicker or better… or both.”

Rob is particularly keen to switch from a desktop environment to a hosted one, as part of the migration. “Having all the updates and back-ups done automatically by RedSky will save a lot of time and we’ll always know that we’re using the latest software version,” he said. “We’ll save money too because we’ll no longer need an IT company to manage our desktop computer.”

Future-proofing the business

Once the migration is complete and he’s “up to speed” on the latest system, Rob will embark on Phase 2 of the business transformation programme, which is likely to include RedSky’s Business Analytics and Invoice Register modules.

He said: “It will be great to get the directors using the system. Business Analytics will make my life a lot easier because rather than asking me for information and reports, they’ll be able to obtain them from their own laptop or tablet. This ‘self-service’ approach will be faster all round and they’ll be able to make more informed decisions based on live data.”

Digitising the accounts payable process will work wonders too. By implementing the Invoice Register, the company will reduce manual input, achieve faster processing times, drive up accuracy and eliminate physical storage costs.

Both modules will enable the company to become less reliant on paper: “As an accountant, I like to work on paper. But I do recognise that we need to keep up with the latest business practices, including working digitally. The Business Analytics and the Invoice Register will enable us to take a giant leap forward in that respect.”

About Cartwright Homes

A third-generation family business, Cartwright Homes has been building in Nuneaton and the surrounding area for more than 50 years. The company actively encourages buyers to personalise their home. Its team takes pride in building individual homes that are of the highest quality while also providing value for money.