RedSky legacy product migrations continue at pace | RedSky

RedSky legacy product migrations continue at pace

When Connolly & Fee migrates from legacy product CONSTRUCT this summer, all former CONSTRUCT customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland will be using the latest RedSky system.

Building and civil engineering contractor Connolly & Fee is poised to take the next step on its business transformation journey. Accounts Manager Caroline Carty said: “We’ve been talking to RedSky about migrating from CONSTRUCT for the last four years. It feels good to have taken the decision to migrate.”

Efficient processing

Reducing manual labour is one of the main drivers for the migration, according to Caroline: “Invoice processing is very time consuming for us: we receive the invoices by email, print them out, enter the data on the system and manually sort out approvals and payment.

“It’s a similar story for payslips – we receive all the information in one document, then have to separate out the individual details so that we can send each employee their payslip information in an email. It’s not password protected.

“In the current climate we need to be able to work more efficiently. That’s the bottom line.”


Benefits of digitalisation and automation

Although the company recognised the benefits of digitalisation and of automating labour-intensive processes, it was RedSky’s roadshow at the Construction Employers Federation offices in Belfast that inspired the decision to migrate.

Caroline said: “It was really useful for us to speak to other companies about their migration experience and how they use the latest RedSky modules. Everyone we spoke to was happy with the system and it soon became clear that using the Invoice Register and Payslips modules to optimise and automate our processes would make us a lot more productive. Encrypted payslips will add a welcome extra layer of security, too.

“Talking to other RedSky customers convinced us that migrating now is definitely the right thing to do. We’re going to save a lot of time and money in the long run.”


Additional modules to follow…

Once the migration is complete and the automated processing has bedded in, Caroline will gradually add on more modules.

“I’m very interested in the Purchasing module because we’re finding that the prices of construction items like bricks and timber are now changing week by week,” she said. “It’s a nightmare, trying to keep up with the latest rates. But once we have the Purchasing module up and running, our buyers will be able to update the system in real time and my team will always be confident that we’re using the right rate.”

Summing up, Caroline said: “We’ve been with RedSky since 2005 and have always had a brilliant relationship. The hosting is fantastic – all the system updates and back-ups are done automatically for us. We’ve never had any issues.”


About Connolly & Fee

Dungannon-based Connolly & Fee has gained a strong reputation in Northern Ireland for the outstanding quality of its work. This award-winning building and civil engineering contractor was established over 50 years ago. Its broad portfolio spans the public and private sectors with expertise in delivering projects ranging from education, recreation and leisure to restoration, social housing and commercial.

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