RedSky Project Connect: The Ultimate Construction Collaboration Solution

RedSky’s award-winning construction-specific Project Connect solution combines slick information management protocols with collaboration software.

RedSky’s Project Connect is revolutionising the construction industry with its streamlined information management and collaboration processes. The construction-specific solution aims to combat the complexities of projects that involve multiple stakeholders, teams, and tasks. Inefficient information management and poor collaboration can lead to delays, errors, and cost overruns, but Project Connect makes sure that everyone involved in a project has access to real-time information from a single source of truth.

Project Connect’s award-winning software combines information management protocols with collaboration tools, making it easier for all parties to stay on the same page. With Project Connect, the days of poring over spreadsheets and struggling to keep up with the latest updates are long gone – the software is designed by construction IT specialists to keep everyone in the loop, whilst also improving efficiency and productivity across the company.

Our latest case study features Big Red Construction. The case study tracks the progress made by Big Red since signing up with RedSky in November 2021 and explains how Project Connect has:

  • Boosted efficiency and collaboration across the company
  • Improved information management and reduce errors
  • Increased collaboration and communication between and within project teams and stakeholders
  • Standardised site management
  • Streamline processes and reduce manual work

Don’t let inefficient information management and poor collaboration hold back your construction projects. Contact us today to find out more about our construction-specific software solutions – you can do this by filling out our Contact Form, emailing us at or calling us on 44 (0)20 3002 8700. With Project Connect, you can take your construction projects to the next level.