Elecro Can’t Wait To Use Construction Management Software | Redsky

“It’s going to save our Project Managers days of admin every month”

Project managers (PMs) at Elecro can’t wait for RedSky’s construction management solution. It will free them up to focus on doing their job, rather than updating spreadsheets.

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Ross Marley, Managing Director at specialist services contractor Elecro, had been seeking a construction management and accounting software solution for many months. During lockdown, he decided there would never be a better time to take action.

“The company has always relied on spreadsheets,” said Ross. “Each PM has their own spreadsheets, which filter into divisional spreadsheets, which then filter into a company spreadsheet. So whenever a PM has an update, they have to do it in triplicate. Progress reporting really gets in the way of them doing their actual job.”

Discovering RedSky was a revelation for Ross. It was ideal: a completely bespoke, integrated solution at an affordable price, spread across 36 monthly payments. Better still, the system automatically links all documents, drawings, photos and emails to specific projects, to support progress reporting.

“When I realised the system could cover all parts of the business – Financial, Operational and Commercial – I was completely blown away. The data only needs to be entered once and it’s automatically updated right across the system. It’s going to save our PMs days of admin every month.”

Ross had the kick-off meeting with RedSky this week. The new system will transform his business and he can’t wait to get started.

Elecro is a specialist services contractor providing mechanical, electrical, fire alarm and security solutions in the London area. It works in the commercial sector with a focus on residential new build, healthcare, education and office fit-outs.

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