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Construction project management software from just £30 a month

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Register today to secure RedSky’s amazing offer – spread the cost of our construction project management software with low, interest-free monthly payments.

As the UK emerges from lockdown, many construction businesses are focusing on cash preservation and making processes more efficient so that projects can be delivered on time, to the scope and to budget.

You can achieve these three objectives in one fell swoop, thanks to RedSky’s new software deal for Project Managers (PMs).

  • Preserve the cash in your organisation: why struggle to justify CAPEX spend when you can choose your own interest-free monthly payment plan from RedSky and spread the cost of getting the right software in place to support project delivery? You pay as little as £30 a month. It’s a no-brainer – even if you reduce one PM’s admin time by just one day a month, we estimate you’ll make a net saving of more than £1,500 a year.
  • Free up your PMs’ time: why expect your PMs to spend hours poring over spreadsheets, extracting and analysing information when RedSky provides access to real-time information and dashboards at your fingertips?
  • Eliminate the administrative burden: why leave your PMs feeling overwhelmed with paperwork when there’s a proven digital solution available? RedSky stores all project information securely and provides fast access to the latest versions, including documents, drawings, photos, forms, emails, RFIs, variations, snagging technical submissions and bids. Powerful and robust digital forms automate project processes and reduce human error. Forms are designed to retain the familiar look and feel and to capture easily all the information you need.

Elecro was one of the first companies to benefit from this new RedSky deal. Managing Director Ross Marley said: “It’s going to save our PMs days of admin every month.”

To learn more about RedSky’s construction management software in action, get in touch via the contact form or watch our on-demand webinars.