Message from Phil Kent, Managing Director | RedSky

Message from Phil Kent, Managing Director

Clearly, the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak is developing rapidly, and our priority is to protect RedSky’s employees, our visitors and our customers while providing business continuity for those using RedSky platforms and services. This outbreak is unique and highly unpredictable and presents the very real and immediate problem of people and businesses not being able to function because of the measures to contain the virus.


Business Continuity
RedSky has long-standing and robust business continuity plans in place. The services that support our employees and host our customer’s systems are deployed across a range of disparate providers of both private-cloud and public-cloud infrastructure.

People and Remote working
Our employees are geographically distributed in small clusters and able to/ and do work remotely. Enabling remote, flexible and collaborative working for all has been at the core of our business model for over 10 years.

In light of the outbreak, we are invoking business continuity measures, making international and domestic travel discretionary and limiting non-essential travel. We plan to temporarily suspend the face to face meetings between our own staff and as well as offer our customers remote meeting alternatives where possible.

We have a duty of care to maintain a healthy and secure working environment, and we all have a duty of care to each other to maintain healthy communities. We have raised awareness of the steps required to minimise the opportunities for contracting the disease. It is essential that we all maintain good hygiene practices by following them.

We will continue to track government advice and focus on the well-being of our staff and offer help to our customers who may experience hardship during this period.

In this together, keep healthy.



About RedSky
Our goal is to help our customers, and their employees be more effective and efficient leading to enhanced profitability by enabling all levels of the organisation and supply chain to harness and realise gains from digitising their day to day business activities.

RedSky software enables construction companies to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. We make real-time actions visible, enabling our customers to control change, eliminate risk and achieve ongoing incremental gains from improved operational efficiency. Across all types of construction and contracting projects, RedSky is scalable, modular and proven to improve performance, efficiency and success.


Follow this link to the government response to COVID-19 site