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Digital Transformation – The Key to Long-Term Survival

There’s a pressing need for digital transformation in the UK construction industry. Fail to respond and you could be the architect of your own downfall…

Rob Driscoll, Director of Legal & Business at ECA, believes passionately that UK construction companies can ensure their long-term survival by embracing digitisation and adopting best-practice business processes.

Before the UK went into lockdown, Rob shared his views at a RedSky digital transformation seminar and networking event. We have summarised his fascinating presentation on a three-page document that you can download for free.


Digital Transformation - Thought piece

Read this paper to learn about:

  • UK economic trends and their impact on construction
  • Recommendations for change, including prefabricating offsite, digitising processes and taking a whole-life approach to procurement
  • How digitisation can protect the cash in your organisation
  • The importance of establishing fair payment terms, right across the industry
  • Why you should incorporate digital transformation as a project in your three-year strategic plan.