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RedSky ERP to help futureproof sports surface business

Doe Sport expects big things from its recent migration to RedSky’s latest system. The new efficiencies it has already achieved are helping to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the business.

Sports surface specialist Doe Sport takes pride in putting best practice into action. Its commitment to continuous improvement spans the entire organisation. That’s why the Finance team decided to migrate from RedSky legacy product AXiM to the latest system.

Financial Accountant Kirstie Shields said: “We had been using AXiM for more than 20 years. Although it did what we needed it to do, it was a bit dated. Migrating to the latest RedSky system was a big step, but it was worth the effort.”

Smooth implementation

Although Kirstie had felt “a wee bit anxious” about the migration, she knew the RedSky team had her back.

She said: “The communications with RedSky were very good and I can’t fault the work that the team did on the ‘lift and shift’ [moving all Doe Sport’s data from the legacy system to the RedSky ERP software]. They waited until my return from annual leave to do the navigational tour of the system, which gave me a chance to see what it looked like with our data on there.

“Once I’d completed the training and learned how to use the system, it was clear that there were a lot of similarities with AXiM. This made the transition a lot easier.”

Doe Sport completed Phase 1 of the migration in January 2024. It’s still early days, but Kirstie has already noticed improvements in efficiency: “Although all the data had always been on the system, how we used to retrieve it was quite manual. The latest system has a modern user interface so it’s now much easier and quicker to drill down to the data we need.”

Improved visibility

Doe Sport will be incorporating the Invoice Register as part of Phase 2. The company processes up to 500 invoices a month during peak periods. Invoices are currently received by email (the team prints a copy of each one) or by post. Once processed, the paper copies are filed in a cabinet “down the corridor”.

RedSky’s Invoice Register will introduce major efficiencies to this process: all suppliers will send their invoices to a dedicated email address; the invoices will then be processed digitally and automatically saved on the system against the relevant job number, ready for rapid retrieval if and when needed.

Kirstie said: “This change is an opportunity for us to move away from paper completely, although we may not do that straight away. We’ll be able to view any invoice on the system – it’s going to be a big help with record keeping.”

About Doe Sport

Established in 1996, Fife-based Doe Sport specialises in the design and construction of innovative sport surface solutions. Its highly skilled workforce includes engineers, surveyors and construction managers. The team designs and constructs covered and open multi-use games areas, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and synthetic football pitches for communities across the UK.

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