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Electronic invoice processing – Faster, Greener and more Efficient

RedSky’s Invoice Register was a key factor in Darroch Insulation Services’ decision to migrate from AXiM to RedSky’s latest construction and account management software. It’s going to save the company a lot of time, paper and effort.

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A RedSky customer for more than 20 years, Glasgow-based Darroch is migrating from AXiM to the latest software. Finance Director Linda Darroch said: “We have been using the AXIM system for a long time. Its main function has been on the Sales, Purchases and Payroll ledgers, so it is time for us to move up to the next level and have a system that really works for us”

RedSky’s Invoice Register will be a big part of the company’s digital transformation.

“We predominantly print out all of our invoices as our suppliers, like so many companies are moving away from hard-copy posting. We then have to stamp register them with a number, input them on the system and then file them,” said Linda.

“We don’t have problems locating invoices, but it does take time to retrieve any we need from the relevant paper files. With the Invoice Register module, the invoice will immediately be visible on the screen – that will make our lives a lot easier and will of course reduce our need to print and store the hard copy.”

A steady rise in the main Glasgow area of the company’s operations, combined with the introduction of a new East Division covering predominantly the Edinburgh area, has increased the labour force over the last four years. This has dramatically boosted the number of payslips being printed and posted out each week by the Finance team.

When Linda learned that this time-consuming, labour-intensive task could be replaced by emailing electronic, encrypted payslips direct from her RedSky system, she said: “Great. I’m having that module!”

Linda is also looking forward to achieving better Account and Job Management reporting using more of the core system rather than just the financial ledgers. She hopes that this will decrease the amount of time spent manually collating this information.

Darroch Insulation Services provides a unique service specialising in the supply and site application of thermal, acoustic and heating and ventilation materials, cladding and other items for a wide range of industries.

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