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RedSky ERP solution: “quicker, slicker and easier to access”

After more than 20 years as a DEMA user, Friel Construction Ltd will mark the start of its business transformation journey by moving across to the latest RedSky ERP software.

Finance Manager Rob Perry welcomes the company’s decision to implement RedSky’s latest system.

“We’ve done really well with DEMA, but it is a legacy product,” said Rob. “A recent demo of RedSky’s current ERP system convinced us that now is the right time for Friels to make the change. The new software clearly does so much more.”

A modern, web-based system

Rob is particularly looking forward to the improved functionality and flexibility offered by RedSky’s modern, robust platform.

He said: “Having a modern, web-based system will be far better for us in terms of searches and reporting. It’ll be quicker, slicker and easier to access – from anywhere. That’s very important because since Covid a lot of us now work from home, one or two days a week.”

Rob is very happy that RedSky will be hosting the new system, so will take care of all back-ups and software updates. But what excites him most about the forthcoming implementation is the Invoice Register: “Accessing invoices on screen rather than on paper will save us a lot of time. The days of us needing to hoard invoice paperwork are numbered!”

No pain, no gain

Rob’s kick-off meeting with RedSky is scheduled for mid-September. He’s realistic about the challenges that lie ahead and is confident that the new system will bring important new efficiencies to the business.

“I have installed quite a few systems in the past few years,” he said. “I am a firm believer in the ‘no pain, no gain’ school of thought, so I know there will be a bit of ‘pain’ at the start, as people get used to the new way of working. But when the system is fully up and running, it will make our lives a lot easier.”

About Friel Construction Ltd

Friels is a family-run business offering housebuilding, civil engineering and groundworks services. Its talented team has been operating in the West Midlands and Staffordshire since 1990 and has earned a strong reputation for thoughtful design, high-quality finishes and attention to detail. The company’s development portfolio includes family homes, retirement properties, barn conversions and luxury apartments.

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