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Demand for RedSky Hosting service grows

redsky hosting for flexibility

In recent weeks we’ve seen a sharp rise in orders for our Hosting service, driven by the urgent need for staff to be able to work remotely and securely.

Construction companies around the UK and Ireland face the very real prospect of large numbers of staff having to self-isolate or being unable to attend work because of caring responsibilities. In these difficult and uncertain times, we must all be prepared to adapt.

If these business issues sound familiar, it’s time to let RedSky’s Hosting service take the strain.

RedSky Hosting gives your teams the flexibility to work on your RedSky system remotely with a secure connection.

It’s practical solution that’s simple to set up, doesn’t cost the earth and provides a range of benefits, including the following.

  • Access your RedSky system securely, anywhere and anytime – staff with the right permissions will be able to log onto your system from pretty much anywhere with a broadband connection and an enabled PC or laptop, including their home. Your data will always be secure and available when you need it
  • Free yourself from server upgrades and patches – we will apply them all, including upgrades resulting from legislative changes.
  • Banish your daily back-up worries – we will manage back-ups automatically overnight and provide business continuity
  • Store all your RedSky data in the cloud – it’s so much more cost-effective than on-site servers
  • Remove your overhead costs – wipe out all costs relating to buying, installing, maintaining and eventually renewing your on-site RedSky servers.

We now host almost 50% of our customer base. Hosting provides a sure-fire way to secure your business systems and data. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our customers say about RedSky Hosting.

A quick and easy process

“We’d been experiencing problems with our in-house server for a few months. It kept breaking down. Then, on a Tuesday morning it died. I was right in the middle of doing the weekly payroll, so we had to move fast.Rather than buying a brand-new server box, we decided it would be more economical and a lot less hassle to be hosted by RedSky. I called the Helpdesk at around 10.30am and by the afternoon, all the hosting had been set up and I was able to go back and complete the payroll for the week. The switchover was all done remotely by RedSky and went very smoothly.”

Derwyn Roberts, Payroll Officer, William Hughes (Civil Engineering) Ltd

 Speed and performance

“Switching to RedSky’s Hosting Service was all very smooth – to be honest, once we’d moved across to being hosted, I never even noticed the difference. There was no change in speed and there have been no performance issues. I no longer have to worry about doing back-up tapes or the server giving up the ghost, or anything like that. The hosting has been lovely – a weight off my shoulders.”

Richard Christian, Group Accountant at Ross Group

Peace of mind

“Being hosted gives me peace of mind, because I know that everything has been backed up properly. It means I can sleep at night.”

Hilary Williams, Finance Director, Logistical Building Services (Electrical)

Thumbs up from the auditor

“We had our audit last month. One of the auditor’s questions was about back-ups. I told him that we used to be ‘old school’: put a tape into a server, do the back-up and then obviously take it off the premises. But now that we’re hosted, it all happens automatically. RedSky applies all the updates and patches too, which has taken the pressure off!”

Lisa Dunne, Company Secretary, JW Stratton Ltd

To find out more about how RedSky Hosting can give your business the flexibility it needs, call us on 020 3002 8700, email or click HERE. We’d love to hear from you.