“I was actually very impressed with the whole approach” | RedSky

“I was actually very impressed with the whole approach”

Longstanding client HSDev is looking forward to migrating to RedSky’s award-winning construction ERP solution.

HSDev has been a RedSky customer for over 25 years. Although Construction Director Mukhtiar Dev is “more than happy” with the current system, CONSTRUCT, he does accept that it is now time to migrate to the latest system.

Mukhtiar understands the challenges of keeping legacy software up to date, given the pace of legislative change in particular: “In a former life, I was an IT guy, so I am aware of how impractical it is from a programming perspective to keep updating legacy software. I get that.

“RedSky CONSTRUCT has always been a robust and reliable system that does everything we need it to do. But there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s also now very old. As I see it, there comes a point where the Model T Ford has to be changed – even though it can still get me from A to B.”

Intelligent approach

“The communications with RedSky have been very good,” said Mukhtiar. “Our account manager, Aaron, approached us a couple of years ago about the migration and has stayed in touch. He applied an intelligent approach to our discussions, which were a good experience.

“I’m more than happy with what CONSTRUCT currently provides, so we’re going for the simplest solution to start with. I’m very much an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t’ fix it’ kind of person. Especially where IT is concerned, because sometimes the impact of a small change can ripple throughout the organisation. But Aaron has talked me through the data migration process and put my mind at rest.

“The fact that RedSky will migrate all our data (including current and historical) to the latest system is a big plus point. RedSky has already done this successfully for hundreds of customers. It’s reassuring to know we’re in safe hands.”

Futureproofing the business

The migration will provide the spark that will ignite a wider business transformation programme.

“We need to be working on the latest software and operating systems,” said Mukhtiar. “RedSky and the accounting system are an element of our business, but we also need to look at it alongside email, document workflows, remote working and more, so that it’s all more or less seamless.

“Everything’s online now. Everything’s immediate. Client demands are immediate too. There’s no point in considering something in isolation and applying a sticking plaster to it; this is an organisation-wide issue that we need to address, to futureproof the business. It’s about better control.”

About HSDev & Co Ltd

Established in 1966, Berkshire-based HSDev provides general and specialist construction services. Many high-profile organisations have benefited from HSDev’s expertise to date, including the Royal Albert Hall, the Bank of England, London Underground, Asda and London Heathrow Airport. As an MOD-approved contractor, the company’s work and quality standards have passed the most rigorous of tests – and have even been showcased on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.