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JDM Technology Group Acquires Mobile-Punch, Expanding Real-Time Project Management

JDM Technology Group, a leading global software business specialising in best-in-class software solutions, has successfully acquired Mobile-Punch, a prominent mobile application based in Lévis, QC. Mobile-Punch provides businesses across various sectors with a user-friendly platform to manage timesheets, work schedules, and projects in real-time. The transaction, which received approval from owners Jérôme Guay and Bryan Porter, was finalised on June 30.

With a rapidly growing user base of over 35,000 daily users, Mobile-Punch has become the go-to solution for teams in sectors such as construction, security, cleaning, and repair. The application enables seamless generation of timesheets, accurate geolocation tracking, creation of employee schedules, and more, accessible on any mobile device.

Jérôme Guay, the founder of Mobile-Punch, explained the motivation behind the acquisition, stating, “I was a construction business owner for many years and couldn’t and a simple yet effective time management solution that my team could use, so I built Mobile-Punch. Our team is always looking to optimise, innovate, and evolve. Joining JDM is the next step in this evolution. I believe this is the right choice for our business because on our own we could have gone fast, but together we will go far,”

JDM Technology Group, a private, family-owned business, focuses on long-term growth and is renowned for delivering exceptional software solutions tailored to the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations sectors. With a proven track record of successfully integrating acquired companies into its existing infrastructure, JDM will maintain Mobile-Punch as an independent brand. Jérôme Guay will continue to serve as President, while Bryan Porter will retain his role as Vice President, ensuring continuity and strong leadership within the organisation.

Jim McFarlane, CEO of JDM Technology Group, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Mobile-Punch to the JDM family. “We have always invested in robust, easy-to-use technology that helps our customers succeed. Mobile-Punch is a great addition, and we look forward to working with Jérôme, Bryan, and the entire team to build upon their foundation of innovation, growth, and integrity.”

About Mobile-Punch: Mobile-Punch is a user-friendly mobile application that revolutionizes how businesses manage timesheets, work schedules, and projects in real-time. Available in both French and English, the application allows teams to effortlessly generate timesheets, accurately track geolocations, create employee schedules, and more, all from the convenience of any mobile device. With its headquarters in Lévis, QC, Mobile-Punch serves businesses across various sectors, including construction, security, cleaning, and repair.

About JDM Technology Group: JDM Technology Group is a globally recognised software business that specialises in delivering B2B software systems for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations industries. With a strong presence across 40 countries and over 180,000 users on 7 continents, JDM Technology Group is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service while delivering the best possible software solutions. The group comprises several companies, including CavSoft, CSSP, CostCon, LEVESYS, Nimbus, Plusfactor, and Spearhead Software in Australia and New Zealand; AerieHub, AllMax Software, Builder Software Tools, Computer Guidance Corporation, ConEst Software, Deneb Software, Explorer Software, EPAC, IndustrySmarts, JOBPOWER, Maestro Technologies, MicroMain Corporation, Mobile-Punch, MPulse Software, TeamWORKS, and Vision InfoSoft in North America; and Estimate, Integrity, RedSkyIT, Rendra, and Safran in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.