J F Lindsay prepares to streamline its processes | RedSky

J F Lindsay prepares to streamline its processes

J F Lindsay Construction Ltd has signed up to migrate to RedSky’s latest system. This move will open the doors to simplified, faster processing.

After more than 20 years as a RedSky client, groundworks and civil engineering expert J F Lindsay Construction has decided that it’s time to migrate to the latest system.

The company is based in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire. It has been using CONSTRUCT for around 15 years and is hosted by RedSky. Accountant Carl Butler is looking forward to the many efficiency improvements that the migration will bring.

The new RedSky system will streamline many aspects of Carl’s work and save him a lot of time. Here’s a good example: “I currently save remittances as pdfs and email them out on request only. But with the new system, remittances will be emailed automatically, all in one go – it’s a far more proactive way of working that will involve far less effort on my part.

“The same applies to employee payslips, which will be encrypted. I’ll be able to email the whole lot out at the touch of a button, which will save me a lot of time and effort.”

The migration has been on the company’s agenda for several years. Carl said : “I’m the only one in the company who uses the system and now feels like the right time to go for it. RedSky will be migrating all the data across for us. Although the technology will be more advanced, the new system is similar to CONSTRUCT in many ways, so I’m not expecting a steep learning curve.“

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