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Lighten your load by digitising your forms

Are your teams still filling in paper forms by hand and filing them away in folders and cupboards? If yes, RedSky Mobile Forms technology can lighten their load, boost data quality and improve workflows.

There’s no doubt that carefully conceived business forms can help you to save time,  prevent or reduce mistakes, optimise ways of working and boost productivity. But it’s fair to say that the days of paper forms are numbered…

Digitised forms offer a multitude of benefits, over and above their paper equivalent. With RedSky Mobile Forms technology, you can:

  • Customise your forms – to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Increase the accuracy of your data – by incorporating mandatory fields and dropdown boxes that minimise keying errors
  • Get data into your system more quickly – forms can be completed and signed on a mobile, tablet or laptop, ready for automatic upload when an internet connection becomes available
  • Lighten the load for field teams – there are no folders of paperwork to lug around
  • Reduce your admin time – there’s no rekeying required
  • Retrieve files efficiently – all files are stored securely in a central system and can be located in just a few clicks
  • Improved workflows – digitised forms can speed up approvals of things like invoices, timesheets and expenses
  • Produce accurate reports at the touch of a button – based on real-time data in the system
  • Declutter your office – it’s good for the soul and you’ll save on storage costs too.

Irwin M&E’s engineers now use RedSky Forms technology when servicing customers’ boilers. According to Kevin Willis, Irwin’s IT Analyst, it’s a far more efficient way of working: “Digitisation has streamlined the process and is saving the engineers and their Admin colleagues a lot of time, effort and hassle every day. Without any previous RedSky experience, the engineers adapted to the new way of working extremely quickly. They certainly wouldn’t want to go back to a paper-based system. And neither would I.”

Is it time you took the next step on your digital transformation journey? Go on, ditch the paperwork and embrace mobile forms.

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