“Migration will be a giant leap forward…” | RedSky

“Migration will be a giant leap forward…”

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Lowery Ltd emerged from lockdown with a heightened awareness of the need to migrate from RedSky’s legacy product to the latest system. The migration kick-off meeting is scheduled for the start of August.

We’ve been using RedSky’s legacy product for more than two decades and have been toying with the idea of migrating for many years,” said Lowery Managing Director Mark Gubbins. “Following lockdown, it’s become even more obvious to the Board of Directors that it’s the right thing to do.

“We think the office will never be the same again. People have adapted to being home-based. Many won’t want to return to the office full time – and we can’t have people working from home with piles of paper everywhere. We need to digitise and remove paper from our finance processes. We’ve all got to get used to a different way of working.”

The Board is looking forward to the new efficiencies that the migration will bring. Digitising purchase orders will provide clarity on what the company is committing to up front, while automating the cost value reconciliation process will provide an overall monthly snapshot and will give project managers a reliable overview of profitability on a project-by-project basis.

“Business Analytics will be another string to our bow,” said Mark, “because we’ll be able to access key metrics in real time on dashboards at the touch of a button.”

RedSky will be hosting the new system, which will remove the overhead costs of buying, installing and maintaining an in-house server. We will no longer need to worry about overnight back-ups or applying server upgrades and patches either, because RedSky hosting will take care of all of that too.

“We are pleased to be finally taking the plunge,” said Mark. “It’s clear to us that it’s time for us to make the change. Migration will be a giant leap forward from where we are now.”

Lowery Ltd is based in Ashford, Middlesex, and will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in mid-August. With a focus on the rail sector, it operates as a principal contractor specialising in signalling, telecoms, electrical installations, permanent way and civil engineering works.

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