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M2 Flooring aims to reduce paper use and boost efficiency with RedSky ERP

Migrating to RedSky’s latest ERP system will streamline internal processes and make life easier for a small Welsh flooring business. 

After well over 20 years with RedSky, M2 Flooring Ltd has decided to migrate from legacy product CONSTRUCT to our latest ERP system.

Saving space, time and cost

Like all construction companies, M2 Flooring has strong incentives to reduce paper use across its systems, including increased efficiency, improved data accuracy and lowering its environmental impact.

Accounts Controller Clare Mitchell said: “We’re very keen to free ourselves from the burden of keeping the hard copies for all our sales and purchasing documents. Relying on digital files instead will free up lots of space and will make sourcing documents easier and quicker, so we’ll save time and money.

“Reducing our paper consumption is also good for the environment.”

Easing the burden

Migrating will make it simpler and easier for M2 Flooring to comply with legislation. The system maintains a comprehensive audit trail that makes inspections swifter and less complicated, as all documents are available for viewing on screen within a few clicks.

Clare is keen to streamline processes, to make GDPR compliance simpler to achieve: “As CONSTRUCT will no longer be supporting payroll, I wanted to make sure I continue to comply with all the GDPR rules surrounding things like payslips.”

The costs relating to the new system will be spread across four quarterly interest-free payments.

Clare said: “We are a small company, so we don’t have the cashflow in the business to be able to pay upfront. Without RedSky’s payment plan, we wouldn’t have been able to migrate.”

Planning a speedy migration

Things are already moving fast on the migration front, with the first training session scheduled just a couple of weeks after placing the order. Clare is keen to maintain the momentum.

She said: “Everything’s been done well so far and communication with the RedSky team has been really good. I like the fact that there’s an online ‘implementation board’ for messages and queries about the migration and implementation processes.”

RedSky will be remotely migrating all data (including all historical transactions) for M2Flooring, with safe passage guaranteed. Clare said: “We’re expecting to go live at the end of October. I’m looking forward to working with a more modern and intuitive system.”

About M2 Flooring

Based in Cwmbran, M2 Flooring Ltd supplies flooring for uses ranging from heavy industrial to commercial and domestic. The company employs a direct workforce from the local area – its expert team lays all types of flooring, including industrial carpets and vinyl, carpet tiles, Karndean, ceramic wall and floor tiling, as well as flooring for wet rooms and hospitals.

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