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Mobile Forms solution boosts efficiency of Medlock site managers

Thanks to a nifty little app developed by RedSky, site managers at Medlock FRB are now spending a lot more time building and a lot less time completing paperwork.

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Medlock FRB Limited is based in Oldham and operates throughout the UK. It is a specialist fit-out, refurb and new-build contractor with its own bespoke joinery manufacturing facility operating in the Leisure sector.

In recent years, Finance Director Colin Drury has noticed the burden of paperwork increasing on-site. “Like so many other industries at the moment, in Construction, there’s a raft of paperwork that we have to complete to deliver projects in the correct way.

“The trouble is, as that red tape increases so does the amount of paperwork our site managers are expected to complete. We noticed that they were spending less and less time building the job and more and more time completing manual forms. It was all very time-consuming and a bit old-fashioned really.”

Colin recognised that the solution to this growing problem was to digitise data capture on-site. And to achieve that, he’s now using RedSky’s Mobile Forms technology. Whereas previously Medlock’s site managers filled out paper copies and sent them to head office by post, they now complete the new customised forms via an app on their tablet device and then submit the data electronically to head office.

“This is all geared around making the site managers’ life easier and one of the key benefits is obviously the mobility of the app,” said Colin. “Rather than them having to carry a laptop around on-site or go back to the site cabin to fill out forms, they can do their weekly returns on their mobile or tablet while walking around on site.”

When Medlock rolled out the new app across the business in May, Colin saw multiple benefits, as expected: “The biggest plus point has been freeing up our site managers to spend quality time on site. Digitising the forms has sped up the whole process, which is great, especially for time-critical information. The forms that RedSky have produced also have a signature capability, so things like timesheets can be signed off digitally by the site manager as a true record.

“Everyone is now using the same format throughout the business. Having uniform data to work with when we’re filtering, sorting and analysing means that we can monitor and review the stats more efficiently.”

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