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Goodbye drudgery, hello emailed encrypted payslips

Migrating to RedSky’s latest award-winning construction software will introduce a world of new operational efficiencies for Paddington Plastering & Drylining Limited, including the ability to email encrypted payslips.

After more than 16 years of using RedSky’s legacy CONSTRUCT software, the Paddington Accounts team will soon be migrating to the latest RedSky construction and accounting system.

The company has been hosted by RedSky in the cloud for many years. Accounts Manager Lynn Wylie wouldn’t have it any other way: “I do Accounts; I don’t want to have to do IT as well. It’s just so much easier to pass on the responsibility for back-ups, updates, patches and legislative changes to an expert.”

Encrypted payslips

The CONSTRUCT legacy product is 20 years old and is no longer being developed by RedSky. Lynn recognises that she’s missing out on the many new efficiencies and functionalities that have been incorporated in RedSky’s latest system, including the streamlining of processes.

She’s particularly looking forward to being able to drill down into the data; mixing invoiced and non-invoiced sales accounts, and having visibility on double-entry items without needing to run audit transaction logs. But it’s the new approach to payroll that will have the biggest positive impact.

“We have around 60 subcontractors on our weekly payroll and 12 employees on our weekly/monthly payroll,” she said. “Currently we print off all the payslips and put them in envelopes. For the subcontractors, we add stamps to the envelopes (an added cost) and send them out in the post. We give the envelopes out by hand to Paddington employees. The whole process is very time-consuming.

“The new system will be far more efficient. Subcontractors and employees will each receive an encrypted payslip by email. We’ll just have to press a button and off they’ll go. That will be so nice!”

About Paddington Plastering

Founded in 1988, Paddington Plastering & Drylining Ltd specialise in plastering, dry lining, floor screeding, metal stud partitioning, suspended ceiling systems, insulations, tacking and tape and jointing. It works on a range of projects in East Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex and Surrey.

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