“It’ll be more user-friendly, with fewer steps to follow…” | RedSky

“It’ll be more user-friendly, with fewer steps to follow…”

A Jersey-based building construction contractor is to migrate to RedSky’s latest system towards the end of this year. The team is particularly excited about the business efficiencies that the Invoice Register will bring.

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After more than 20 years with RedSky, Style Group Limited will be migrating from the legacy AXiM product to the latest system.

Group Finance Director Duncan Fox said: “I’ve been conscious for a long while that AXiM is one of RedSky’s oldest systems. It does feel perhaps a little dated when we’re using it.

“I knew from previous RedSky communications that the latest system has a more user-friendly, modern interface, so I arranged a demonstration and got my team in to have a look at it.”

Migration benefits

The RedSky demonstration proved to be a game-changer for the Finance team, which is now keen to migrate from AXiM.

“I expected some pushback, but everyone actually really liked the features and is up for the challenge,” said Duncan. “They could see that it’ll be more user-friendly, with fewer steps to follow. The interface on the Contract Ledger and Subcontractor Ledger got the thumbs-up because of how easy it will be to input information.”

The company will be migrating its Core Financials and Payrolls on a like-for-like basis, and will also be implementing the Invoice Register. “My team especially liked the ability to pull an invoice from an email into the system, view it on screen, punch the details straight in and push it through for processing,” said Duncan.

“The fact that the invoice is then automatically attached to that transaction will make life a lot easier because it’ll always be available to view within the system. Pretty much everything we do at the moment is paper-based. We have files and folders everywhere. Implementing the Invoice Register will be a good start for us in terms of reducing paperwork. But I can’t see us ever going completely paperless, to be honest.”

Hosting service provides peace of mind

The company will continue to be hosted by RedSky.

“With hosting, I know that everything is taken care of by RedSky,” said Duncan. “I don’t have to worry about whether back-ups are happening. And if there are upgrades, I haven’t got to start loading things in myself. It just all gets done for me.”

About Style Group

Style Group has been part of Jersey life since 1947 and operates from St Peter in stylish offices designed and built in house (see photo). The Group comprises Style Office, Style Windows, Style Interiors, property developer Style Homes and AC Mauger, which delivers construction projects of all sizes to the highest standards.

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