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Project Connect will boost efficiency at WDL Homes

RedSky’s construction-specific Document Management and Forms solution will reduce duplication, save time and transform report generation for long-standing customer WDL Homes.

Having used RedSky legacy product AXiM for more than 20 years, things are now changing fast at the WD Lewis group. To futureproof the business, in summer 2021 it embarked on the process of migrating its three divisions to RedSky’s latest system. WDL Homes has now signed up for Project Connect, which is a ground-breaking construction project management and collaboration platform developed by RedSky.

WDL Homes Commercial Manager Lesley Harrington said: “We currently use a variety of forms, which can’t be accessed remotely by our site teams, so we have to manually distribute them. The sales teams and site managers then complete these manually and return them to the office for input. This can be problematic: some forms are not filled in correctly and some go missing. I then input the data on the system and manually collate it for analysis, which is time-consuming.”

RedSky’s hosted Project Connect solution will make things much easier all round. Lesley said: “The main benefit for us is that everything will be available in one place and accessible to all. Each plot will have its own folder containing all the details about that plot, including drawings, customer choices, foundation details, handover and customer care information.

“Our sales teams will be able to complete the customer choices forms electronically on an iPad while they are with the customer. They will then obtain a digital signature and email the completed document to the customer straight away. I’ll be copied in automatically and the form will be stored securely on the system. It’s a more professional approach and the validation fields on each form will help to increase the accuracy of the data.

“I know that the system will take time to set up, but it will make a big difference in the long run. I’m especially looking forward to being able to obtain reports at the touch of a button. We’ll be able to analyse the data to obtain insights into things like how often people upgrade, what they upgrade and what are the most popular finishes choices – this will allow us to update our ranges to meet the needs of our purchasers.”

About WDL Homes

WDL Homes Ltd is one of three divisions in the WD Lewis group, which was established in 1972. It is based in Aberdare and operates mainly in South Wales. The other two divisions are WDL Concrete Products Ltd and WDL Contracting Ltd.

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