“We can’t wait to get rid of all the paperwork!” | RedSky

“We can’t wait to get rid of all the paperwork!”

The Gunite Group’s move from legacy product AXiM to RedSky’s latest ERP system will mark the start of its business transformation journey.

Gunite Finance Manager Jackie Morris said: “We are a family business with a strong order book, rising production levels and a growing turnover. After more than 20 years on AXiM we’re very excited at the prospect of working with a modern, more automated ERP system and are looking forward to the range of new efficiencies it will bring.”

In addition to the Core Financials, Gunite will be implementing two of RedSky’s most popular products: Business Analytics and Invoice Register with Automation.

Better decisions

Jackie is expecting great things from Business Analytics: “It’s going to be so much more efficient because we’ll be able to design our own enquiry templates and make changes ourselves, rather than having to ask RedSky to do these things for us (although they are very quick to respond).

“From an accounting perspective, Business Analytics will mean we can get more accurate, more up-to-date information to the management teams more quickly, enabling them to make better decisions. They will also be able to drill down easily to the live data for individual contracts, rather than having to wade through paper reports.”

Efficiency boost

Automating the accounts payable (AP) process will be a godsend to Jackie’s team: “We process up to 700 invoices a month. Although we scan everything to our server, we’re still surrounded by boxloads of invoice documents. We can’t wait to get rid of all the paperwork!”

The Invoice Register with Automation will have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency. Emailed invoices will be imported automatically to the RedSky system, which creates an image of the original document and pre-populates an on-screen form. Users will merely have to compare the two sides of a split screen to check that the details on the digitised form tally with the invoice image.

We estimate that based on 700 invoices a month, the Invoice Register with Automation could well save Gunite tens of thousands of pounds a year. How? By significantly reducing the time spent by the AP team on manual tasks – scanning, PO matching, data entry, tracking down documents and chasing up approvals, to name but a few. By freeing up the AP team to focus on business improvement activities instead. And by improving the accuracy of data capture and giving the Finance team real-time visibility and control.

This impressive return on investment would see the RedSky module paying for itself within a matter of months.

Reliable supplier

When asked why Gunite decided to remain with RedSky, Jackie said: “We could have looked elsewhere for a new system, but we’ve always been very happy with the service we’ve received from RedSky.

“We’re already hosted, so we don’t waste time on patches and upgrades at the year end and we know that all our data is stored securely and can be retrieved immediately if there’s a system failure. And because we’re all very familiar with how RedSky systems work, we won’t have to embark on a massive learning curve. That’s very important to us.”

About Gunite

Now in its 31st year, the Gunite Group is a family business comprising three construction companies: Gunite (Eastern) Ltd, Gunfire Ltd and VirtuScan Ltd. The Gunite team of surveyors, managers, operatives and consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in external refurbishment, waterproofing, infrastructure repairs and maintenance, passive fire protection and 3D visualisation.

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