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RedSky Forms and Document Control will streamline processes at AEL

The team at Asbestos Environmental Ltd (AEL) currently fills out more than 1,000 paper forms a month. Digitising them will save a significant amount of time and make the data immediately visible, accessible and reportable.

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The nature of our business means we have to complete a huge amount of paperwork,” said AEL Managing Director Michael McGurk, “including forms for the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive, as well as for our own operational procedures. At the moment, we’re fully manual and paper-based, and we don’t extract any data from the forms – with such high volumes, that would be far too time-consuming.

“We work all over Northern Ireland, so we have to physically take the paper forms to whichever sites our guys are working on. The supervisors complete the paperwork on site and then drive over to our Belfast office to drop it off, usually at the end of the week, so there are added costs in terms of travel time and fuel.”


Digitisation will drive up accuracy

Digitising forms will revolutionise AEL’s processes according to RedSky’s Chris Winson. “The supervisors will fill in the digital forms on site, using a phone, tablet or laptop,” he said. “The forms will be customised to include many picklists, enabling the supervisors to select the correct option at the click of a mouse and reducing the amount of typing required. It’ll be a far easier and faster process than the paper-based forms and it will drive up the accuracy of the data too.

“With RedSky Forms and Document Control, there’s no need to spend time aggregating the data. Once the supervisor submits an electronic form, all its data are immediately accessible on the system and available for analysis. The ability to run reports based on the data in the system will provide invaluable business insights that Michael and his team will use to inform the company’s growth strategy going forward.”

Based in Omagh, Northern Ireland, AEL is a fully licensed specialist contractor dealing in all types of asbestos removal and disposal. Its partner-managed team undertakes commercial and domestic works of all sizes.

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