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RedSky Invoice Register: a greener accounts payable process

When Romford-based contractor Harding Bros Electrical migrates to RedSky’s latest cloud-based software, it will also eliminate paper from its invoice processes.

Harding Bros Electrical has been a RedSky customer for more than 20 years. This month it has signed up to migrate from the legacy CONSTRUCT product to RedSky’s latest, construction-specific ERP solution.

Operations Director Dave Marchant said: “CONSTRUCT works brilliantly and does everything we need it to do. But when RedSky gave us a demo of the latest system, we realised that we’ll be able to do so much more.”

The RedSky team will ‘lift and shift’ all Harding’s data (live and historic) to the new system using a watertight process completed multiple times before, so Dave is confident that it’ll be a hassle-free, “smooth” migration.

Paperless processes

As well as the Core Financials, Harding Bros will be implementing RedSky’s Invoice Register as part of the migration.

It’s going to make a big difference to how the Finance team operates. Dave said: “We usually receive hundreds of invoices every month by email. I print them all out, go through them individually to check the details and add the job numbers by hand. Once I’ve approved them, my colleague Mandy inputs the information onto the system.

“The Invoice Register will involve working 100% electronically. There’ll be no physical paperwork, so that means no printing, no hand-written approvals and no filing hard copies either. Our processes will be streamlined and more efficient because everything will be done and held on the new system.”

Although the latest RedSky system has many similarities with CONSTRUCT, the team will of course have to learn some new ways of working. And that includes how Dave will keep on top of credit notes: “Currently I keep a pile of invoices that are waiting for credit notes. But once we’ve migrated, all that information will be held on the system.”

Peace of mind

The company will continue to be hosted by RedSky. It’s an arrangement that provides many advantages.

For example, Dave and his team don’t have to maintain or update any servers; RedSky does all the back-ups and software updates; authorised users can access the system remotely and securely at any time and from anywhere with wifi; and team members can collaborate easily on documents within the system.

When asked what he’s looking forward to most, once the migration’s done and dusted, Dave replied: “Being able to track spending on individual jobs more efficiently.”

About Harding Bros

Established 60 years ago, Harding Bros Electrical Ltd is a family business that specialises in installing, maintaining, testing and inspecting electrical equipment. The talented team works on projects of all sizes – from small maintenance projects to large-scale installations – for clients including local authorities, schools, building contractors and police authorities.