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RedSky Project Connect: “It’s awesome”

The sky’s the limit for award-winning flat-roof expert TaperedPlus. Since going live with RedSky’s construction project management and collaboration platform in January 2021, the company’s efficiency and accuracy have improved dramatically.

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Donna Wilson, General Manager at TaperedPlus, is amazed at the new efficiencies sparked by RedSky Project Connect during the last 14 months, right across the 21-strong company. “It’s a fantastic system that has massively improved operational processes and fully supports our growth ambitions.”

Financial savings

The financial savings are remarkable. Switching from email-driven processes to RedSky’s collaborative platform is saving the company around £168,000 (5,600 hours) a year in time spent reading and managing unnecessary emails.

Automated reporting is having a big impact, too. It’s saving around £9,000 (300 hours) in relation to our monthly management meetings alone. Managers don’t have to spend hours preparing statistics and insights ahead of the monthly management meetings, because they can now access live data on their laptops during the meeting, empowering them to do more.

New efficiencies

RedSky Project Connect is resulting in many more efficiencies that are harder to measure but very evident in the ability of all teams to do more.

For example, everyone now has up-to-date information available at their fingertips. Managers use the RedSky system’s analytical capabilities to answer queries quickly and accurately during meetings, based on live data. And teams now rely on user-friendly dashboards for real-time visibility of KPIs and the sales pipeline.

Automated workflows and processes make sure that projects progress according to plan. They flag up potential problems at an early stage. They speed up previously time-consuming and onerous tasks, like calculating monthly commission payments. And they make collaboration a whole lot easier between teams and departments, effortlessly keeping everyone in the loop.

Limitless possibilities

And Donna isn’t stopping there. She has her sights set on introducing RedSky Invoice Automation, to boost the efficiency of the accounts payable process. “The system already does far more than we initially wanted it to do. It’s awesome,” she said. “The possibilities with RedSky are endless – the only limit is our imagination!”


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