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RedSky raising funds for Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

redsky raises funds for Royal Hospital for Neuro-disabilityLast August our Development Manager, Cliff, had a cardiac arrest. It changed his life forever.

You may well remember Cliff. He joined RedSky in 1989 and to us he’s still very much part of our team.

A committed fundraiser, Cliff was out on the road, training for a charity bike ride when he experienced the cardiac arrest. He was down for more than seven minutes before being resuscitated, leaving him with severe brain damage.

After months of medical care, Cliff was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) in December last year. This amazing hospital has been providing Cliff with intensive rehabilitation treatment ever since. He’ll be staying there indefinitely, in the long-term care unit.

The RHN is a national medical charity. It relies on donations to be able to continue providing services that enhance the quality of life for its patients and their families. This year it needs to raise £3.1m.
We want to ‘do our bit’ to help the RHN continue its incredible work. On 21 July a RedSky team of 14 intrepid volunteers will be taking on a demanding, 26-mile walk along, up and down the Jurassic coastline, to raise funds for the hospital in Cliff’s name.

Our aim is to raise £10,000 for the RHN. You can read more about Cliff, our team’s Jurassic coast challenge, and how to make a donation here.

Thank you on behalf of Cliff and his family, the RHN and all of us at RedSky.