RedSky 2019 Roadshows: Learn, Connect, Grow | Walls Construction Testimonial | RedSky

RedSky 2019 Roadshows: Learn, Connect, Grow | Walls Construction Testimonial

RedSky’s 2019 regional roadshows are touring the country until 5 June. Have you booked a place at your local event yet?

David Strickland, Divisional Director at Walls Construction, attended our regional roadshow in Belfast at the start of May. He picked up some very useful tips and knowledge that he has taken back to the workplace.

Based on his 2019 roadshow experience, David offers the following advice to fellow RedSky users: “It’s all too easy to say that you’re too busy to attend, but you learn so much by being here, not just from RedSky but also from networking with other users. That’s it in a nutshell.

“At the end of the latest event, when I looked around the room and saw all the other users there, it struck me that you actually gain a lot from speaking to other people – also from seeing how the product is growing and finding out about its capabilities. The alternative is to stay at home, or stay back at the office, but then you’re just missing out on so much useful stuff.

“From my perspective, I’m trying to gather information and bring it back to my colleagues. Part of my job is about trying to convince people in my company to implement new software. So when one of your competitors tells you they are using a particular piece of kit and talks about the benefits they are getting from it, you think to yourself: ‘Well why aren’t we using it too?’ Arming myself with that sort of genuine user feedback makes my job a lot easier.

“That’s what I like about these RedSky events: it’s not a sales pitch, it’s an opportunity to learn, both from fellow users and from the RedSky team.”

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