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Better reporting and streamlined payment processes

Caddick Construction is to migrate from RedSky’s legacy AXiM product to its latest construction business finance system. The cloud-based software will improve the accuracy and speed of reporting and streamline payment processes, while also freeing up server space.

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There were many reasons why Paul Bullers, decided to migrate to RedSky’s latest software.

“We’ve been on AXiM for a long time. I’ve been here 24 years and we were using a form of it back then,” he said. “It was definitely time for us to migrate to the latest software, which will also be able to accommodate all the recent HMRC changes more easily, like Making Tax Digital and Reverse Charge VAT.

“Also we’re getting more users based in different locations so we really wanted a cloud-based solution. This will free up some of our server space and it’ll be much easier for people working from home or on-site to dial into a cloud-based system rather than into a computer that connects to the server… this can be a bit cumbersome in places.

“The fact that we’ll be getting ‘over the air’ upgrades automatically applied by RedSky, rather than having to physically do them or think about them, is another big plus point.”

When asked what he’s looking forward to most about the new system, Paul said: “Easier, more accurate reporting. We’re going to start small, with just a few Business Analytics licences, but we’ll eventually roll it out to all QS team members – we currently provide them with printed reports, but we’d like them to be able to access real-time information on the system themselves.

“At the moment we print and store all our invoices and every month, they fill around five or six lever-arch folders. RedSky’s Invoice Register will make a massive difference, by electronically storing invoices that come in by email and attaching the invoice to the relevant job number. We’re going to be bringing our Purchasing team on board with the system too, integrating them more to streamline the entire accounts payable process.”

There are three main reasons why Paul decided to remain with RedSky. “I’m confident that RedSky will achieve a full data migration successfully and securely, whereas other providers often don’t include things like coding lists,” he said. “Familiarity was also a big factor: we are migrating to a new system but I’m not expecting radical changes.

“Also, what we particularly like on the RedSky system (which a lot of other companies don’t do) is its cross-company journal entries. We have a lot of small companies within the properties side of our business. RedSky’s cross-company journals work really well for us and doing the inter-company balances is straightforward. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…”

Caddick Construction Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caddick Group, which offers a wide range of services including design, construction, civil engineering, property development and property management, as well as leisure and event management. The Group was founded in 1979, is based in West Yorkshire and has expertise across all property sectors.

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