RedSky supports the entire construction process | RedSky

RedSky supports the entire construction process

Step by step, John F Hunt is expanding its use of RedSky’s construction management and accounting software by taking on more and more functionality.

The John F Hunt Group has been using RedSky’s award-winning information management software since May 2017. At our January networking event Financial Director Ian Saville talked at length about how multiple departments within the group are now benefiting from RedSky’s system.

We have summarised his views on our software in a four-page case study that you can download for free.

Our digital transformation journey

Read this case study to learn about how RedSky is enabling John F Hunt to:

  • Gain fast access to real-time information and insights
  • Use management information to inform business decisions
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Save £35,000 a year
  • Reduce reliance on Excel spreadsheets
  • Improve overall accuracy
  • Free the team up to focus on business improvement.